“If I Let Them ……”

With this weeks unschooling “tools” post being about the television of course I had to share this.

Stephanie, from the blog Ordinary Life Magic, already mentioned the “If I let my child(ren) watch television whenever they want, they would do it all day long” in her post.

My question would be really? How do you know that? Have you ever done it? And if so for how long (without holding negative judgement towards it like “see I told ya so”)?

When we put limits on something(anything video games, food, sports, computer, books………) that something becomes *very* valuable.

The weather here in Indy is beautiful!!! Television just doesn’t compare, the girls have been outside until sundown the last 2 days soaking it all in while they can because it has become “valuable” to them. 🙂


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