“Eat Whatever You Want”

I actually saw this video years ago but it was shared in a Radical Unschoolers group recently. Since I just wrote a post on limits, I thought it would tie in nicely.

As radical unschoolers we have no limits on food. The girls are free to choose what sounds best to them even if it’s eating cookies for breakfast. Actually now that the girls know that nothing is in limited supply they eat pretty good. I now need to buy salad mix to keep on hand just as much as the cookies or candy.

I myself have been doing my own little study with food. I too eat whatever I want and am learning to listen to my own body’s needs now finally at my age. I, myself have noticed when I eat something like pancakes or cereal for breakfast I am actually hungry sooner and end up eating more through out a day then when I eat an egg sandwich made with 2 thin slices of ham and 1 piece of cheese. Again this is me listening to *my* body’s needs. This is what Miss Sky asks for breakfast too, even with having Pop Tarts and variety packs of cereal as a choice.

The girls are learning to listen to their body’s needs now as children (just as they are learning to make choices about video games, television, and the computer) and I am confident they will not have the same issues with food that I do.


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