“Creativity ~like human life itself ~ Begins in Darkness”

I like this quote by Julia Cameron for many reasons.

Creativity is something I’ve struggled with understanding for a long time. I use to think myself as not being very creative but I have since come to the conclusion that I would not be homeschooling my girls if I wasn’t.

I, like almost everything I have learned on my journey into radical unschooling, learned the hard way that copying what a teacher does is *not* creativity, nor does it help to get a child to be more creative. I have also learned that doing “assembly line” crafts does not help you to become more creative either.

Miss Sky has never liked to do “crafts”.  Something I don’t think I have ever shared on my blog is just like math there were many struggles getting Miss Sky to draw in her “main lesson book” or to paint with watercolors. She has *always* wanted to do her own thing. I am going to be completely honest here and say this is something I regret.

I understand that every family is entitled to do what works best for them but in my opinion as someone who has been there and done it, Waldorf education does *not* allow for a child to be themselves (or a parent for that matter). Not every child *wants* to paint only using watercolors, or draw *only* with beeswax crayons. Not every child *wants* to knit or crochet.

My girls’ favorite art tools are black sharpies and markers.I have also come to the conclusion that creativity does not stop with art and what does it mean to be “artistic” anyway?

This actually has been the topic of conversation in our home this past week. So this weeks “tools” list will be compiled from *many* family members. 🙂

There is a quote from Sandra Dodd’s blog Just Add Light and Stir that she posted quite awhile back that has really stuck with me. It was a picture her daughter took between two trees that only showed part of a roof top. The quote was something like when we put limits on our children, we limit them from over half the world. I never made the connection before then that while educating with “Waldorf”  what I was actually doing was limiting my children’s creativity. There is SO much more to being creative than wool and beeswax.

Woodworking, fashion designer, architecture, home interior design, landscaping, hair stylist, make-up artist, movie director, tattoo artist, set designer, photographer, musician, chef, script writers, animator, video game creator, poetry, fiction, fiber artist, pottery, jewelry making, board game creators, glass maker, blog writer, teachers, choreographer, dancer, actor, dog groomers, and our soon to be son-in-law who is finishing up his degree in art therapy.

As you can see this list could go on forever and I am sure my list will be missing something :), but finally after writing *all* this here is our favorite creative “tools”.

My husband loves to build, I love to write and bake, Big Sis loves coming up with meals using new ingredients, Miss Sky loves video games and creating new storylines (she has even created her own superhero) and making her own patterns, Little Sis loves art period.

Things we like to keep on hand.

pocket knife, bars of Ivory soap,

real tools, nails, screws, scrap pieces of wood, Woodburning tool, workbench,

blank books (you can bind your own),

all different kinds of art supplies like block crayons, Do-a-Dots, markers, oil pastels, color pencils, paints (watercolor and acrylic), sketch pads, poster board, chalkboard, different kinds of pastel chalk, clipboards, fabric markers

Ed Emberley drawing books, wooden peg people, clothes pins, wooden spoons to make puppets, scraps of material, felt, sewing kit,

burlap and plastic rug needle,

Play-Doh, clay, Wikki Sticks, mud, pipe cleaners, pom poms,

sheets, blankets, chairs, cushions, different size boxes,

“Barbie” style type head,


dress up clothes (I get ours at Goodwill), makeup, face paint, fashion design kits, Kool-aid dyed play silks,

musical instruments, digital camera, (Picture was taken by Miss Sky), digital camcorder,

cheap flour, salt, food coloring, plastic bowls, cookie cutters, wooden spoons,

different kinds of building blocks made from tree branches, Legos, Lincoln logs, ect..

*Our favorite websites*

Disney Create,

Tux Paint,

Animal Jam,

Pixie Hollow,


The Mii channel on the Wii,

Sploder, http://www.sploder.com/

Dress up games http://www.dressupgirl.net/dressup/155/Make-up-games.html

Whew, I am sure there is something I am forgetting so I may need to update my list :).

You can read more about unschooling and creativity over at the blog Ordinary Live Magic.



2 Responses to ““Creativity ~like human life itself ~ Begins in Darkness””

  1. ingridmccarthy Says:

    Love this post! I have to admit (without wanting to bag out Waldolf/Steiner just for the sake of it) that when I was looking at homeschooling approaches, I just felt the whole thing was so prescriptive and regimented – just what we were trying to get away from!

    You guys are heaps more creative than us! But we keep trying (and looking at creativity with a bigger lens than just arts and crafts) 🙂

  2. Plastic Spoon Puppets | nuoweiyu.com Says:

    […] source: […]

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