A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/Survival of the Fittest

The creativity theme definitely played its part throughout our week, but then again I guess you could say that it always does. That’s what happens when you follow your children’s interests. That is one major point of unschooling, and that is why one must have an open mind while unschooling too. You never know which of your children’s interests will connect to another one.

Without wanting to go off on a tangent, because I am pretty good about doing that, I do want to say that we (as a society) are SO darn academically focused. Of course, my opinion is because the school system has made us this way but by being *so* focused on school equaling “success” we fail to see other careers as being successful too.

Example, my cousin(hi if you’re reading 🙂 ) has a doctoral degree and is a vice principal of one of the best schools in Missouri. She works very hard at what she does and I know she very good at her job. Lots of people see her as *very* successful(and they should)! My sister didn’t go to college and get tons of student loans to pay off. Instead, she went to beauty school, something she is *very* talented at, and now has her own business. Me, well I home educate my children, something that I do not make *any* money from, I don’t have any fancy degrees but I LOVE what I do. WHO is to say is more successful of the three of us? If we judge “success” from who has the most money or who has the most degrees, it would be my cousin. But what if success was judged by happiness (I am not saying my cousin is any less happy than myself by the way)?

For us, my family, success IS happiness. My stepdaughter wants to home educate her children too, that *is* what she wants to do with her life. She gets grief from her boyfriend’s, who is finishing his degree in art therapy, side of the family that homeschooling is *not* a successful career choice. Why not? To me being happy is a GREAT career choice! :).

My husband and I have come up with several creative ways to make money so that I could stay home with our children. I use to babysit, we’ve delivered newspapers, sold our tree houses and stables, I even sell on eBay, all to pay for our unschooling supplies. Finding ways to make money is not a hard thing to do, but finding happiness sure can be!

I guess I did want to go on a tangent after all ;).

Our week,  yes let’s move on shall we?

This week was still all about Minecraft, Miss Sky playing at Minecraft, Miss Sky watching YouTube videos of Minecraft, and Miss Sky learning how to fly and make it rain in Minecraft :). All week she has been playing on the lava survival server. She is loving it!

This has left Little Sis with a little more alone time so Papa and I have filled in with more story time and game playing.Games of Battleship, checkers, Wizard Junior, Nacho Loco, Memory, Connect 4, and Jenga.On the Wii more Mario Party 8, Clue,  Life and a family collaboration with the new Super Mario Brothers. We are in world 5. Then for the second part of the week, both girls found new interest in playing Sims2 on the Playstation2.

Little Sis and I took to the bedroom with books in hand, and her new High 5 magazine, for some serious story time :). Which brought on the story of Babar, which led to us watching the movie this week as a family, which led us to watch the cartoon series before bed, which led us to *many* conversations about elephant hunting.

When the computer was free there was playing at Animal Jam and Moshi Monsters.

As you could see from my post on creativity the green play-doh was a big hit. Little Sis and I played cafe making all kinds of bagels, pancakes, and cookies.

Last but not least this week there has been renewed interest in the Ology books

and a reminder that I left flower arranging off of the creative outlet “tools list”.Oh yes, life is good!


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