Discoveries Of A Radical Unschooler/ Let’s Hear It For The Dads!

Something that I was not expecting to happen along on this journey ,into radical unschooling ,was that the relationship I had with my husband would get better too. Yes, I understood how healing the relationship with my children would greatly help unschooling to flourish in our home but our marriage too? That was an unexpected bonus.

Last Thursday was my husbands birthday, so he was home with us a couple more days than usual. Sometimes I think we take for granted the role dad plays in homeschooling. I know I sure do!

In my last post I talked about me, mine, my “success” in homeschooling our girls as a career but failed to mention that without the continued support of my husband there is NO way I could do what I do.

First of all I could not homeschool the girls if it wasn’t for all the overtime he puts in at his job and let’s not forget all the *crap* he has to put up with *at* his job or all the *socialized* “difficult” people always riding his ass ( I don’t care where you work, there always seems to be *one* of those types).

Then there are all those “extra” ideas we have come up with to earn money for supplies, yeah couldn’t have done ANY of those without his help.

But *most* of all, that he has ALWAYS unconditionally stood beside me no matter WHAT my decisions have been.

When I mentioned the idea of homeschooling, he had complete confidence in me (more than my own). When I explained Waldorf education, he didn’t hesitate to support me 100% (even after talk of getting rid of our television and he LOVES Nascar folks). When Waldorf education blew up in my face, he never once said “see I knew this wouldn’t work or see I told you so”, nope he tells me to stop beating myself up over it, “it happened, we learned from it now let’s move on”.

Now I explain this thing called radical unschooling. Do I get any “Now babe remember what happened with Waldorf” or ” Are you sure this is going to work” ? Nope not from my husband. He is “reading a little, trying a little , waiting a while and watching ” right along with me (I love this man so!).

With unschooling there is no teacher. There is no me drawing a picture on the board or me planning out lessons and picking out spelling words. It is us ,as a family ,living and learning *together*. Unschooling is not “child-led”, where you wait for your child to show an interest in something. It is us, as a family, sharing and living “our” interests *together*.

Example, Papa right now is really into the history of baseball. We have been watching all kinds of baseball documentaries, movies, and doing internet searches around here lately. Me or the girls have no interest in this topic at all, not now anyway, but when unschooling you share and learn to enjoy each others interests too (even if the only thing keeping you connected is seeing the love the other person is showing for that interest).

“Strewing” in our home isn’t just for the girls. Now I look for things that *every* member of our family might enjoy while out and about, like books on baseball. The girls even surprised me once too.(It’s kind of contagious 🙂 )

So now that there is no “teacher” in our home, I am no longer the only one running our ship (even though I never was). I may be the one posting about our days but I most certainly could *not* unschool without the help of my husband.

When I am busy with dishes,

my husband is there. When I am busy “listening” to a story and dinner needs to get started, he is there to start it.

When someone is feeling left out and needs some extra attention,he is there. When I am busy sharing in a child’s interest and we are running low on milk, he is there to pick some up.

When one child shows an interest in something I know nothing about,he is there.

He is *always* there, he *always* has been and it’s about damn time I thanked him for it!

Babe, thank you for being you! You are *better* than what I have ever wished forand we love you!


One Response to “Discoveries Of A Radical Unschooler/ Let’s Hear It For The Dads!”

  1. jessi Says:

    i have read this post many times.. and i really love it! i miss you guys and miss being at home with my daddy. he is the best!

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