A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/ Picture Perfect

This week the television show Picture Pad had a big influence in our week. Every time I turned around there was a child tucked away somewhere with some type of art supply. I think maybe all our talk about creativity last week must have sparked some of their own.

Little Sis has art work “strewed” all through out our home, which I am not complaining about by the way. We are fixing a wall in our kitchen so we’ll be able to display all her masterpieces in one place. 🙂

She even has some in the virtual world,she really loves spending time at Disney create.Since I have been writing posts about our unschooling “tools” and this weeks post being about reading, I wanted to add a bit more about how unschooling looks in our home.

With there not being a “teacher” or “subjects” being taught in our home, how is Little Sis learning to read and write?

If you have read any of my past Waldorf posts you can see that I used the Letter People to help Little Sis understand the sounds of the alphabet. I bought a CD of all the Letter People’s songs and we watched episodes of the Letter People on YouTube.

Also I started out drawing each Letter Person on the chalkboard for Little Sis to copy in her own letter main lesson books. We made it all the way to the letter G before I realized how unnecessary this was to do. This was also about the time we started unschooling.

Once Little Sis understood the sound each letter made, from the CD and from watching episodes (because she really liked them), she took off reading all on her own. She didn’t need to keep doing “busy” work like worksheets or filling in main lesson book pages (I mean why do things that were designed to keep children occupied in classrooms that have up to 30 kids?).

Just like my post on “math” being everywhere, so are words. Little Sis has opportunities to “read” all the time, without me needing to “teach” her (same goes with writing, spelling, vocabulary, and grammar). Honestly if I *had* to answer how she learned to read and write I would say from playing at Animal Jam.

When she first started playing(at the age of 5) I needed to sit with her while she was interacting with the other kids. She needed help reading what other kids were asking her and needed help answering back. Now she doesn’t need any help interacting with kids, of course though I am *always* nearby if needed.

I guess my point is that sometimes it’s hard to understand how children can learn *without* the need of being taught like we were in school, because that is where *we*(or those who were not unschooled) associate where learning happens, but with words literally being everywhere it’s pretty unavoidable to learn how to read or write or in Little Sis’s case type. 🙂 She even can create  comic books at Disney create adding in her own sentences.

Miss Sky has been very busy playing Minecraft. I am amazed at all she is learning there. She has also been doing searches for other Minecraft games too and found 2 new games she has been really interested in as well, like Cubelands http://us.cubelands.com/and Wizard 101 https://www.wizard101.com/game (that she really, really loves! “Mom are you done with your post yet?”)

When the computer is occupied by one, the other has been playing Sims Kingdom on the DS. Other video games played this week are Sims2 and Dog Island (where Little Sis is reading and playing with very little help all on her own). On the Wii there was more games of Mario Party 8 and Pac-man Party.

Miss Sky also got caught up in some Picture Pad inspiration this week.

(We really need that art wall ) 😉

Games? Why yes of course, let’s see more Wizard Junior, Little Sis “am I ahead, how many points did I get? See  I got 40 .” She answers her own questions don’t you know , Bananagrams, and several hands of Go Fish.

Yes, life is good. Wishing everyone a great weekend!


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