Little Comments

Little Sis: “Mom can I play the game that sissy played last night on the computer where you can create your own video game ?”

Last night Miss Sky was “playing” at Sploder.

This was the question being asked of me by my squinty, still sleep in the eyes, 6-year-old child as soon as she woke up this morning. As she left the room I realized that my 6-year-old could not wait to create her own video game today.

I realized that she took these thoughts to bed with her last night to ponder over in her dreams.

I realized that my 6-year-old daughter could not wait to learn something new.

How exciting it is to see my girls all fired up about learning. I love that I don’t need to fight and argue with my girls about whether or not they “have to” go to school today. I love that they don’t need to sit and wait on a bus before learning can begin. I love that most kids are on spring break this week and that my girls don’t need a “break” from learning. I love that we have 193 days (out of 180) of “attendance” in so far this year.

I love the fact that my girls love to learn !


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