A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/ “We’re Off To See The Wizard”

This week the kids, in our area, were out of school for spring break. The first part of our week was spent with more spring cleaning for Mama and Miss Sky and Little Sis enjoyed playing with neighbor friends (love that Mario Party we do!).

Then the second part of the week was spent either at Wizard 101, Minecraft, or Sploder. Both girls each spent their fair share of time playing there.

Wizard 101 has brought new interests in Merlin with a trip to Barnes and Noble to pick up the book Wizardology (from the Ology series) and a viewing of the television series Merlin on Netflix. The funny thing about all this is that all of it ties into Arthurian legend that Miss Sky had an interest in before she even discovered Wizard 101. (I love it!)

Little Sis and I explored new television series we discovered together on Netflix this week, like My Little Pony(which connected Wizard 101 for Little Sis 🙂 ), Paddington (which brought out the Paddington Bear Treasury storybook for some series reading time), and a show that I really love, Bo on the Go (which also has a wizard in the show).

This show reminded me so much of my beloved Mousercise show I would watch as a child. I also had the Mousercise record that was one of my most favorites. I never really understood the reasoning behind television and childhood obesity. My girls have always been pretty active kids even while watching television and playing video games. Little Sis can really get into fighting games, she likes to stand while fighting(even before the Wii) and is known to jump around quite a bit as well.

I also didn’t understand that if television was SO bad in helping cause obesity in children why there were not more interactive children’s shows to get kids moving, like Bo on the Go. Little Sis and I enjoyed acting out the different animal moves and I enjoyed letting my inner child out to play awhile.

Anyways while Little Sis and I was enjoying our new adventures this week, Miss Sky created her own “zoo” at Sploder.com.I put the word zoo in quotation marks because it was a zoo of Marvel characters ;).

She also was very busy playing at Minecraft and is very excited by the addition of animals. She is learning so much from playing this. Her typing speed has increased tremendously and Papa loves listening to her talk about Minecraft and saying things like “I have to wait to connect to the server”. He didn’t even know what a server was before she started playing this game.

While Miss Sky was busy on-line, Papa, Little Sis and I played several rounds of Go Fish(Little Sis’s second most favorite game), Wizard Junior, which she is now officially the scorekeeper,(yes at 6 she can add up and keep everyone’s running score, she *loves* “math”)and Animal Linkology.

We noticed a robin built a nest on our electric box in our backyard. I thought I heard baby bird chirps from my bedroom window the last few mornings and while Mama robin was away we went to sneak a peek.This is all we found (Don’t worry Miss Sky would *never* allow us to mess with Mother Nature. We never touch.).

What a wonderful way to welcome Easter, yes life is good!

Wishing everyone a very happy Easter and a great weekend!


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