A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/ “A “Change” Is Gonna Come”

Oh, how I love Sam Cooke!

I have been doing a lot of thinking about how I wanted to write this weeks post. See I write Week In The Life posts when I notice my notes filling up (I try to keep notes to help *me* keep track of what happens throughout our days so I can spend more time with the girls and less time on the computer). Then I try to find a common theme from my notes to write about. It is really hard to “document” everything that takes place in our home. I would seriously need to give a minute by minute update.

Unschooling to us means no separation from living and learning, or to live as if schools don’t exist. No separating learning into “subjects” of okay let’s learn some history today or we really need to work more on math. Everything ties into everything :). Sitting down together to eat a meal *someone* is going to learn something new (and a lot of times its Papa or I) and that is how I want this weeks post to flow.

Let’s take Easter Sunday.The girls set out to hunt for eggs(once Miss Sky heard they were filled with money she decided she wasn’t too old to join in). The girls have been saving their allowance to buy crowns (or money) in Wizard 101 so Little Sis was anxious to see if she had enough money saved to get the animal she wanted. While counting her change we came across a Canadian penny. We stopped to observe the difference between our penny and a Canadian one. Little Sis noticed right away their penny had a woman on the front and not a man(the girls have really taken notice of female roles in history).

Well to the internet we went to find out who the women were on the front of the penny. Queen of Canada, Elizabeth the second. “Queen, you mean Canada has even had a women leader?”, “How long has women ruled?”, “Why isn’t Canada part of the US?” “They speak French?” These questions can last for days.

What subject would I list this under? Math, Geography, History, Reading (had to read the internet), Spelling (had to know how to type and spell to search), Foreign language? Not to mention it was Easter Sunday(we shouldn’t even be having “school” in the first place)!

Then there is the question of what the girls even took away from it. Everyone processes information differently. It’s like a huge gigantic puzzle and each time a piece connects, the puzzle is one piece closer to being completed and by the time our puzzles are done none of them will look the same (your puzzle might not even look the same as when you first started). Why, in my opinion, testing is pointless.

The girls received the Monster High DS game in the mail this week each taking turns while the other “plays” on the computer. Minecraft and Minecraft and Wizard 101 for Miss Sky. Animal Jam and Wizard 101 for Little Sis.Little Sis did have enough money saved to purchase her animal and has made it to level 7.

There has been outdoor bonfires and casting of spells and coming up with new spells in their own “books of magic”.There have been games of Wizard Junior, Go Fish, Animal Linkology, and Nacho Loco.

Miss Sky found the BBC documentary Being Chased by Dinosaurs on Netflix. http://walkingwithdinos.wikia.com/wiki/Chased_By_Dinosaurs

Little Sis found the PBS show Dinosaur Train. http://pbskids.org/dinosaurtrain/

More Mario Party 8 on the Wii and Papa helped me finish our “art wall”.This has cleared up our refrigerator to be the home of more alphabet and number magnets where Mama is known to leave a quote or two. 🙂

Last year I printed off a map of our state and we decided since we don’t have tons of money for long out-of-state travel right now, to be a “tourist” in our own state. Each new city we visit we highlight and mark off the map. We have all learned so much about our state this way.

Indeed I truly love this life of mine!

Ps right now as I type this post the girls are answering a questionnaire on the everybody votes channel on the Wii(it really is a never-ending learning journey).


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