Little Discoveries

By mom :).

So just like the time when I realized what it was about music that I love so much (really what is there not to like in my opinion), the lyrics and connecting another piece of my puzzle, it just dawned on me(insert lightbulb above my head, from her previous “little comment”)what it is about video games that Miss Sky enjoys.

She doesn’t just like to play video games. She likes to watch YouTube videos of them, she likes to discuss and write about them, she likes to read about them and she likes to break down and analyze the story behind them.

She likes video games for the story (This all ties back into my unschooling tools post about “reading”). Video games are just another tool to help her gather the information she will use later in her own life’s journey.

Again another reason to not place negative judgement on children’s interests. We may never “see” what information was gained from an interest but any negativity shown towards them could hinder a child from connecting their own puzzle pieces.


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