A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/ “This Magic Moment”

Oh magic eight ball what does my future hold? Answer: outcome uncertain, I’m glad :).

As you can guess Wizard 101 is still all the rage around here these days. Each child is learning more and more about the game leveling themselves higher and higher to complete the missions. They were so happy to receive pets that needed trained to grow bigger so they can help out in wizard battle along their side. It really is a very cool game and I can see why they enjoy it so much. I completely forgot to mention the connection to Wizard of Oz. Miss Sky has met Dorothy Gale, Toto, and the Tin man so far in the game.

Papa and I have been converting our old “schoolroom” into a game room for the girls. We did an exorcism over the weekend to rid it of any negative energy that might be left over. 🙂 The girls are really excited to have a place to have friends over to play video games or to just hang out.

I had to enlist Papa’s help because I was feeling so overwhelmed by all the school things I had accumulated. It’s not that I want to hang on to “school” stuff but I have a hard time getting rid of things and he doesn’t. It is coming along very nicely. We plan on having a garage sale very soon to help pay for the conversion, so this means a busy spring cleaning Mama this week.

Speaking about games we found a new card game that has quickly moved its way onto our favorites list. Frog Juice (I ordered ours from Ebay) http://www.amazon.com/Gamewright-202-Frog-Juice/dp/B00001TQ0J/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1334591094&sr=8-1

We love it! You need to match ingredient cards with your hand and the cards in the middle. You can match number to number (an 11 with another 11) or use 2 or more cards from you hand to add up to a number on a center card or vice versa (so there is “math” involved). You can also make a spell by collecting the right ingredient cards to complete the spell on the spell card. Once we all caught on we played this game several times all weekend long. If you have a child interested in magic or wizards I highly recommend it.

Besides Frog Juice we also played Wizard Junior(surprise), Go Fish, Old Maid, and Papa and Little Sis played several rounds of Connect 4.

Miss Sky has also been busy playing Minecraft and built a phoenix Island of fire. She even built the phoenix itself. I really need to take a picture, she did such a wonderful job and really has been working hard on it. I took a minute to explain griefing to her. She was shocked that people would destroy someone elses hard work. She has only played on the lava survival server with other people and it is okay to build and destroy there, hence the survival part.

Papa brought home a Canadian quarter the other day after all our talk about the penny. We noticed the picture of Queen Elizabeth the second was different and compared dates. The Penny has the date 1965 compared to the quarters date of 2004.

On the Wii there was more Mario Party 8 (earning up Gamefly rewards to get a $5 dollar off coupon to use towards purchases to buy (keep) this game, Little Sis really loves it) and a game Miss Sky found a demo to that we downloaded because we all love it so much called Gnomz. http://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/5WJsiPjXj01TEbtbaIpvdrKrUycDQeGO It is SO simple but SO much fun.

Last but not least Little Sis and I have taken to the bedroom for a new Elephant and Piggie story.(She picked the page she wanted in the picture 🙂 )Then this of course led to me listening to all the other Elephant and Piggie books  (which I didn’t mind a bit) and we read this months new High 5 magazine too.

It really is a good life, happy Monday!


3 Responses to “A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/ “This Magic Moment””

  1. ingimc Says:

    Lovely days! Apparently DD has also played Wizard 101 (I only catch half of what they are up to!) but her characters are stuck on a computer which is currently not plugged in…mmm, maybe a task for this afternoon! She also hates griefing and doesn’t understand why people would do it (or troll, for that matter).

    Big move (mentally and physically) to shift from school room to rumpus room! Would love some before and after pics (hint, hint).

  2. ingimc Says:

    Wombat Girl here just wanting to know what the survival server ip is

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