A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/ “A Very Merry Unbirthday”

Where oh where has the week gone? I remember writing last weeks post then decided to commit 10 minutes a day to deep cleansing our home and before I knew it 10 minutes turned into a week :). So for the first part of our week (before the temperatures dropped) it was bare feet and ice cream out in the backyard for the kiddos. Then mother nature sent us a reminder that it was spring after all and back indoors the kiddos came. 🙂

More Wizard 101? Yes, particularly for a certain 6-year-old who loves the challenge of the missions and is now a level 11 wizard (surpassing her sister). So many connections in this game. Little Sis passed over the rainbow bridge into a new world (re)sparking the interest in Norse Mythology for Miss Sky.(Miss Sky reading Thor comic books ) Not that she really needed much coaxing, have I mentioned her excitement over the new Avengers movie coming out?

More Minecraft? Of course :). Miss Sky has found the Minecraft Wiki http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Minecraft_Wiki and has been doing lots of researching, learning. While researching she also found new sites to play, http://kizi.com/ and  http://www.adoptme.com/and there was more Animal Jam for Little Sis.

On the Wii more Mario Party 8, Super Mario Brothers, and the game Life. There was watching Super Smash Brothers on YouTube (Miss Sky likes the storyline), more Sims2 on the Playstation2, and yes more hands of the card game Frog Juice.

While Miss Sky busied herself with Minecraft Little Sis and I watched the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland (neither of the girls had seen it). She recognized much of the movie from us playing Kingdom Hearts on the playstation2(Where we are SO close to completing the game but are stuck in Hollow Bastion). Well you know we had to have us a “unbirthday” party too with cake and all :). Instead of shopping for a present for someone else we all picked out a little something for ourselves (while at the store). It was such fun and we vowed to do it more often.

I have noticed myself being drawn away from the computer a lot more lately. I don’t know maybe it’s because of Spring (or that the girls are playing on it a lot more) but I just feel more like “doing” then “searching”. I have really been getting in with cleaning up our home(really) and planning out our meals again. I have always enjoyed being in the kitchen and something else I have always enjoyed was reading (books).

While educating with Waldorf I felt that I always had to be on the computer researching what I “should” be doing (or not doing). I was planning out lesson after lesson. Unschooling isn’t like that. Once you understand what unschooling is by “reading a little, trying a little, waiting a while and watching” and you find great unschooling resources (like by Sandra Dodd) you kind of need to be more involved with your children and their interests for it to work (http://sandradodd.com/howto/precisely). Now that I know where to read I no longer *need* to be searching on the internet for hours at a time. This “naturally” has given me more time to do things that interest me and still be able to share in my children’s interests as well (like watching X-men episodes for the 100th time, really though I’m not keeping track :), or playing video games with them).

We have almost been unschooling now for a full year. We *all* are really happy with the changes that have taken place in our home. Has the girls learning increased from last year? Yes, yes, and oh heck yes. In fact I can honestly say that they have retained all the information they have picked up this year and surpassed my “school”expectations (because they are truly connecting their own pieces not just having someone relay the information to them, it really is a huge difference).

Oh yes and lets not forget new Ranger Rick magazines (uhem).I really do enjoy this life of mine.

Wishing everyone a very merry unbirthday (unless of course it is your birthday which I then shall wish you a very merry birthday)!


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