Little Comments

While Little Sis “played” Wizard 101 to her little hearts content, 🙂 Miss Sky and I watched the movie Pretty in Pink together. I love everything about this movie yes I do. The soundtrack, the fashion, the script (even though dated still transcends time. Though I do not agree with the ending, but that is my personal opinion.), the actors and I literally would *love* a job working at Tracks. This was such fun and I learned so much about my daughter’s likes.

She has such a keen eye for picking out things from movies that I don’t.

Miss Sky: ” Mom I love her”, Andie’s (Molly Ringwald) “pink phone, I love her room! Mom look at her pearls, I love the look of pearls and lace together. They did such a good job with the props and fashion in this movie, don’t you think? I love vintage things! Oh no she picked the wrong guy, what that’s how it ends!?”

Oh be still my beating heart! We have a mother daughter date to visit a local antique mall planned very soon. 🙂

I love these kiddos of mine, they are taking me on a journey I never could have imagined. I am SO truly blessed!


2 Responses to “Little Comments”

  1. jessie Says:

    i love this movie as well. im pretty sure my first time seeing it was with you too. hard to beleive my baby sisters at that age!! love and miss you all, cant wait till july!

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