A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/ Just Marvel(ous)

Another week gone by in a flash. I notice the older I get the faster time flies, why is that?

This weekend Miss Sky had the pleasure of meeting her 11-year-old twin pen pals from Sacramento California. They are traveling coast to coast on a road trip and decided to stop by Indiana for the afternoon. While the girls chatted with one another I had the pleasure of talking with their mother (and youngest son(13)). I learned so much about California, like not everything there is like Los Angeles or San Fransisco where our oldest currently is, and came away very inspired by their family (such a lovely family they are). They love the outdoors and hiking as much as we do.

We have met so many wonderful people since I started writing my blog, I am so glad I jumped in and decided to write one. 🙂

I previously mentioned how I’ve been having feelings of “doing” lately. Well our family loves to hike (yes all of us). Little Sis has been hiking along beside us since 2 years old. We never really used a stroller with her but instead while visiting museums or zoos let her walk until she needed a rest(which we then would find a place to sit and rest a while). I do believe because we took the time to do this with her that she is now able to walk for several miles at a time. Well this summer we marked the calendar (several times) of all the places in Indiana we would like to hike at. One in particular that I would like to do is at the dunes http://www.nps.gov/indu/planyourvisit/hiking.htm. Papa and I have been training ourselves all winter preparing. I truly am ready to get out there and do it!

The weather here this week has been a bit ugly. So the girls mostly stayed indoors which was great because Miss Sky received this months Nintendo Power magazine.We are collecting legos and dominoes for the girls. They have many building ideas running through their brains and are in need of more pieces. Well a friend stopped by and added some to our collection :).(Thank you Kathy, as you can see they were used right away)*Note to friends and family members we are still collecting, please help keep a look out 🙂 *

Yes more games of Mario Party 8 and finally we are on world 6 of Super Mario Brothers(as a family). More games of Memory, Toss Up, Blink, Animal Rummy, Sherlock, Wizard Junior and Frog Juice.More Wizard 101 and Minecraft? Yep. I mentioned Miss Sky and I watching Pretty in Pink, well Little Sis and I watched Disney’s Cinderella (another first). Oh the conversations that came about from these films. Both girls are really into Marvel comics and girl superheros so they had much to say about the movie Cinderella. My husband is a big Jerry Lewis fan and we actually have the movie Cinderfella http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cinderfella, which the girls love that it’s a princess looking for her prince charming :).

Speaking of Marvel, have I mentioned there is a new movie coming out ? Miss Sky has been counting down the days. This week she has been reading at Marvel Wikia filling me in all the missing details about the characters http://marvel.wikia.com/Main_Page (So I can follow the plot 😉 ). They have been very busy this week creating their own superheros at mavel.com. http://marvel.com/games/play/31/create_your_own_superheroMarvelous indeed!


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