A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/ Run Run As Fast As You Can

Some weeks go by that sometimes feel as if nothing really happened much around these parts, or I feel like I am posting about the same ol things. Sometimes a week flies by where we have been so busy that it seems as if not much was going on, this is when I am very thankful to have my notes. This past week was another one of those fly by weeks.

There of course was my birthday, there was the matter of picking up our whole hog from farmer friends (finally we have bacon again), we met up with some new friends, http://attachlings.wordpress.com/, (such a lovely family they are 🙂 ), and Goodwill had their monthly 50% off sale( happy birthday to me!). If it wasn’t for me keeping track of all the in between there really wouldn’t be much of a post this week.

Well I had a great birthday, besides the huge scary thunderstorm that lasted all day long. Papa and I don’t really give each other gifts. We are the types that save our money to make big purchases for our home. We pretty much get what we want or need throughout the year so what we do instead is give each other a day off. I really do get treated like a queen as I get to eat my favorite meals (and don’t need to clean up afterwords) and do whatever it is that *I* want to do.

Besides being treated like royalty you ask? Well there were homemade chocolate chip cookies, and root beer floats (my birthday cake choice 🙂 ), more Minecraft, Wizard 101, and Animal Jam. Mario Party 8 and rounds of Monopoly on the Wii.

There was more games of Frog Juice, Wizard Junior, Sherlock, Monopoly Deal. There was more watchings of Monster High webisodes and a movie, Why Do Ghouls Fall In Love ( I really enjoy watching Monster High with the girls and wish the dolls were not so fragile to play with, I would have loved these as a child too).

Little Sis decided she needed a reading marathon, she picked out a new book while at Goodwill that started the whole thing.This led to reading a bunch more of her favorite books like Little Bear, Amelia Bedelia, Guess How Much I Love You, The Little Old Lady Who Wasn’t Afraid Of Anything and she read me Big Egg.

Oh and there was more Bo on the Go (I love this time with Little Sis) and Jumpstart.

Miss Sky found a new television series, Transformers Prime on Netflix to watch. We have already watched all of season 1 and she is ready to rent the movies.

Speaking of movies we watched Captain America as a family, which Miss Sky *loved*. What we didn’t line up at Midnight for the Avengers movie? I wish, I would love to do that with Miss Sky but she does not like watching movies at the theater, “The sound is always way too loud”. So we will wait until she is ready or it comes out on video(personally I think curiosity will get the best of her).

I mentioned Goodwill, 50% off? Yes! Funds are very tight right now and I can use all the “strewing” help I can get.The girls and I had fun figuring out our deals. “If this keyboard is $2.99 does that mean it will cost us $1.50? So that means I can get a phone too!” 🙂

I found  a Usborne First Embroidery book with a project the girls are really interested in making (I am seeing some Monster High creativity in our future) and we watched both The Rescuers( I am getting ready to read the series of books by Margery Sharp myself) and Bedknobs and Broomsticks movies over the weekend.

These both were childhood favorite movies of mine. Where I was scared of Madam Medusa from The Rescuers(she reminded me a little too much of my mother)as a child, the girls cracked up laughing so hard I thought they would pee their pants. “Oh my she is just a crazy women, look she is shooting a rifle in her HOUSE to kill a mouse.” I love these girls of mine!

Keyboards and phones you ask? Well to play office of course :).

I can’t wait to see what adventures await us around the corner.

Life really is good!


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