“Does Unschooling Mean Unworking?”

Oh I found myself chasing down my own rabbit trail this morning and somehow came to this video.

Oh my goodness I could not help but crack up at the women’s comments, or should I say her *fears*, of unschooling.

If anyone has ever met my girls, or knows them personally they know these descriptions could not be farther from the truth. I, not meaning to sound like I’m bragging but being honest, get comments literally *all* the time on how well-mannered our girls are. Actually it is kind of funny (in a sad way) that when people *do* find out that the girls are unschooled at how amazed they are that my kids are so smart.

Now saying all this I do want to mention that I do *not* think that everyone *should* unschool their children. I know a few people in my life that quite honestly school is not only the safest place for their children to be but the best place for their children period. I truly do believe schools *need* to exist.

I do however also believe that life is not a one way street. There IS more than one way to live and learn and homeschooling *should* be a parents choice.

Something that I think gets lost in parenthood is people get the idea that when having children the adults don’t need to be that involved in their child(rens) life. That the parent doesn’t need to change their lifestyle, they can just keep on doing what they did before.

Thing is, children do not ask to be born into this world, it was a choice *you* made one way or the other (if you know where babies come from then there is NO such thing as a surprise, not being *ready*? Yes). Life is no longer ALL about YOU.

Does the school system work? Yes for some children. Does the school system fail? Yes for lots of children (it’s set up for children to fail). Does unschooling work? Yes it does *but* for it to be successful you need to be a good parent first.

I laugh when people think that now because we unschool that I don’t need to *do* anything, or that it is SO much easier, or its for lazy parents, or what the lady quoted in the video its “abusive” (that one really made me laugh). Being a childs parent, facilitator, and partner 16 hours a day(and some days more) is not for LAZY people. Parenting alone is hard enough.

I am so over this homeschool debate. It’s going to be sticking around folks (in fact it grows bigger and bigger every year). It is time to accept it exists and it works.

It’s time for us to start putting our focus back onto our children and off of politics!

It’s time to realize children ARE people! They have rights too, they deserve to be loved and their opinions respected. They deserve to have a say in their own lives. It’s time to hear THEIR voices again. Don’t think being hit or spanked affects them? Ask them what they think about it. Hear their answers. Children are so much smarter than what we give them credit for.

There is SO much we can learn from them.


One Response to ““Does Unschooling Mean Unworking?””

  1. Jamie Says:

    I agree with u,no matter if we unschool or homeschool someone will have something to say.Some need to just except that we are taking responsibility of our OWN children in a different way than they choose and its what is best for our children so get over it.

    well put

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