A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/ Meet Me In St. Louis

Last week we had plans for a weekend trip to meet up with family and visit the city of St. Louis. I have mentioned previously my love of Indiana, not only is it a wonderful state to homeschool but you are just hours away from a new adventure.

There is SO much to see and do in the city of St. Louis but being our trip was more about family then sight-seeing visits to the zoo and Union Station was all we had time for.

Let us back up a few days though shall we.

Our mama robin’s eggs have all hatched. It has been such a blessing to see life unfold before our very eyes.We have spent many hours outside just watching the proud parents fly back and forth to the nest feeding hungry babies. Little Sis thought it would be a great idea for us to read Are You My Mother by P.D. Eastman (she was right 🙂 ).

There was lots of game play of Monopoly Deal and Frog Juice, Wizard 101 ,where Little Sis is now a level 15, and Miss Sky has found a new on-line game called Runescape that has caught her attention.

It seems I don’t ever post much of the girls playing as my focus has been more on capturing our learning but playing is just as important to learning. Now that I understand learning is everywhere I also want to remember our days spent outdoors racing Little Sis around the yard or playing babies right along with the girls.Yes I play with my children, not just card or video games but with toys too. This last weekend I hopped across our hotel beds right along with my girls gaining those deep belly laughs that only acting silly can cause. It is such a wonderful *free* way of healing your wounded inner child. You are never too old to play!

I listened to a wonderful sound bite from Sandra Dodd entitled A Loud Peaceful home. http://sandradodd.com/peace/noisy (scroll all the way to the bottom for a listen). I learned it is not the peace and quiet home that I seek but the joyous *sounds* of a peaceful home. Laughter is a sign of happiness, why would I want a quiet home?

For our trip my family decided we would meet in the middle (I am originally from Kansas City Missouri) at the Our Lady of the Snow shrine in Belleville Illinois. It  was the perfect spot outside of a very busy city to meet up. It is very child friendly and the girls enjoyed playing in the fountains on the playground in the 90 degree weather we were blessed to have.

The girls were really excited to visit the St. Louis zoo, as they had gorillas, and it is free!

The penguins were by far the girls most favorite part.

Next we headed to Union Station to grab a bite to eat at the Hard Rock Cafe to celebrate my dad’s birthday. I myself enjoyed the memorabilia scattered around the restaurant (as I *love* music) and the girls were able to make many connections of their own. Back to the hotel for more splashing around and game playing where I received one of my birthday gifts Rummikub.


We have already played it several times once home and it is quickly being added to our list of favorites(thanks dad :)). My other present, besides spending the weekend with family, was one of my favorite memories forever sketched in time.I guess I know where my creative genes come from :). Dad you did an amazing job! Don’t you all think so?

Even though I miss seeing my family we are all glad to be home. You know the fable of the country and city mouse?  Well this family will take the country over the city any day.

Things are already beginning to get back to normal including the large piles of laundry.I love my life, I really do!And yes that beautiful, tall blue-eyed girl is really my sister :).


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