A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/ “Long Beautiful Hair”

So many “little” things going on last week I hope I don’t forget anything. One that seemed the most important to how the past week played out though was the temperature.

It got hot here in Indy with temps peaking in the 90s. So to a couple of kiddos this means filling up our little pool and stocking the freezer full of popsicles. To another certain kiddo it meant finding her independence and attempting to cut her own hair :).

I have to say that I wasn’t really surprised, I remember cutting my little sisters hair when I was about Miss Sky’s age. I also know several people whose children attempted to do the same. What *did* surprise me was the fact that Miss Sky didn’t think I would let her cut her own hair and she had to sneak to do it. She didn’t do too bad of a job with the exception of getting her bangs a little short (I will attempt to load a pictures soon).

She was in for a surprise too though when I didn’t get mad about her sneaking to cut her hair, instead I helped her even it out. While I was finishing up I asked her why she felt the need to sneak. She replied that she wanted to try it herself and didn’t think I would let her. Which I then replied that I not only would have let her but could have given her some helpful tips along the way.

Something that *I*, myself have learned along the way of my parenting journey is to NOT sweat the small stuff. Hair will grow back but the trust between a parent and child might not. To *me* trust is WAY more important than some cut hair.

Well with one child having a nice new short summer haircut, it wasn’t long before I had Little Sis in the chair too. Now both children are sporting new summer dos :).

Miss Sky’s new hairdo was inspired by her refound interest in Kingdom Hearts. She has been playing the game, watching YouTube video walkthroughs, watching videos and following the storyline of parts 2 and 3 and has been drawing up a storm.We watched the movies Iron Man, Iron Man2 and Thor together as a family. Miss Sky loved them and all of us agreed they’ve done a wonderful job picking actors to play the parts. I seriously could not imagine someone else but Robert Downey Jr being Tony Stark.

She also received postcards from her pen pals last week. After leaving Indiana, on their road trip, they have visited and hiked in the Smokey Mountains. This is something Papa and I have on our “bucket list” to do. How exciting for them!

Little Sis has been keeping busy too by finding some new things as well as doing some of the same things like reading her favorite Frances stories in bed together or playing *several* hands of Frog Juice, Monopoly Deal, Mario Party 8 and at Starfall. Then over Memorial Day weekend she decided we needed to have a Uno and Rummikub championship :).She has caught on quick to this game and enjoys playing it as much as Papa and I.

Sometimes Miss Sky will join in a round in between her Kingdom Hearts research and sometimes she doesn’t. There is never any pressure put on the girls to play any type of game. I see each of the girls as the individuals they are having their own likes and interests and it is Papa’s and my job to help them find ways to safely explore these interests.

Miss Sky likes Superheros, comic books and video games. So these are the things Papa and I explore with her. Little Sis likes the challenge of playing card and board games over video games (unless we are fortunate enough to find a video game that plays like a board game then it’s win, win 🙂 ) and snuggling in bed to read a story. Both girls are incredibly smart and unique in their own way. How wonderful they get the *choice* to truly learn the way that is best for them and not how someone else thinks they should be learning.

Last but not least our baby birds have outgrown their nest and flew the coop already! How fast it was, life passes us by in a blink of an eye. Today is our oldest, Big Sis’s, birthday. She turns 22. It seems like just yesterday I was meeting her for the first time. Now she is off living her own life’s journey.

Big Sis we are SO proud of you! We love and miss you very much! You have grown into such a lovely young lady and truly have blessed our lives. Happy Birthday!

A blink of an eye.  Love, hug, run your fingers through their hair, smell the tops of their sweaty heads now, everyday! Before long they too will have outgrown their nest, spread their wings and fly.


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