A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/ That’s Incredible!

Incredible indeed that the temperatures here in Indy went from the 90s to the 60s in a matter of a few days. The first day of June felt like fall. So that meant the swimming pool being drained and put back up for later in exchange for time outdoors playing games, roasting hotdogs and marshmallows over an open fire in the fire pit.It also meant more snuggles inside while Little Sis read to me from her most favorite series Elephant and Piggie and I read her stories from (one of our most favorite and most read books after Ellen’s Lion that is) the 20th Century Book Treasury.


This books holds *many* of the girls(and my) most favorite children’s stories. One in particular though that had an impact on this week was the story of Madeline. Little Sis found the movie My Fair Madeline that we watched together instantly on Netflix and she loved it.

It is very interesting to see each child’s individuality emerge. I mean they have always been like night and day but Miss Sky never took an interest in Madeline when she was little. She was never into “girly” things like dollhouses or Barbie (even the natural Waldorf ones). Actually when Miss Sky was little dolls scared her. They reminded her too much of dead people with their blank, lifeless glares staring out into space (as weird as that sounds it’s true). Instead Miss Sky was all about, and still is, animals (Build-A-Bear was perfect for her). Of course now that she is older, dolls are no longer scary to her :).

I myself could be described as a “tomboy” as I never liked to wear dresses. In fact I have a funny childhood story about just that. I went to a private school growing up and for our 8th grade graduation I had to wear a formal dress. My mom took me to get my hair and makeup done and when I got to my graduation one of my friends (not my best friend but a pretty close one)was talking to me and asked if my sister was graduating tonight. She did not even know it was me!

It’s been fun watching movies with Little Sis that I never got in with as a child or that Miss Sky never took an interest in. I am definitely being stretched outside of my comfort zone.

Let’s see there was all the usual game playing of Frog Juice, Wizard 101, Minecraft, Memory, Go Fish, Mario Party 8, Kizi.com, Uno, and Rummikub(which is great to play outdoors 🙂 ).

Besides all the other stories, Little Sis and I snuggled up and read her new High Five magazine too.

Miss Sky has been busy playing Kingdom Hearts and both girls spent time playing with Notebook(on Windows) practicing their typing speed and Little Sis has been writing sentences with the words she knows how to spell.

This weeks family movie was the last in getting caught up with the Marvel Avenger characters, The Incredible Hulk with Edward Norton (who did an incredible job!). Miss Sky loved it and the whole time was picking out funny clues spread throughout the movie like “Oh look it’s the Hulk’s purple pants” or ” look that’s the Leader”. She really knows her Marvel, Stan Lee would be proud :).

She bought a new Nintendo DS game, Nitendogs Dachshund and Friends which she loves


and received a new Nintendo Power magazine in the mail. She was very excited to read of the new Super Mario Brothers 2 coming out.It really is a good life!


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