A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/ “Who Let The Dogs Out?”

Cheesy? Yes I know :).

So I write a lot about how our weeks look and I try my very best to be as completely honest as I can( with the exception of keeping things private my girls don’t *want* me to write about). I don’t write much about negativity or having bad weeks because we really don’t have many of those. I end my posts with life being good because it is! Once you begin to *see* your children (partner, husband) each as being  separate, individual human beings each having their own likes and dislikes, you learn not to do the dislikes.

Think of a world of everyone doing what it is that makes each person happy (Okay I am talking about people who have the common sense of right and wrong here). Think of everyone knowing and understanding their strengths and weaknesses. A world where you know and understand what it is your body needs as far as nourishment and sleep goes, well that is what our home looks like.

Though I do want to say this is not how it has always looked, it is this way now because *we* (as a family) took the time to do the *work* needed to get here. Papa and I needed to understand each others way of communication, what he took as nagging from me was the only way I knew how to communicate with him. I have since learned how he likes to be talked to and vice versa. My point is I do not in any way want to make it sound like getting to the place we are as a family *just* happened.

I write *all* this in the first place to help “set the scene” of how our week played out (I am pretty good at taking the long way around to get to a point 🙂 ).

In our household the girls are not *made* to do any chores. I don’t have cute little chore charts with each persons name on it and they each get an allowance with *no* strings attached. Everything they receive as gifts or buy with their money is considered *theirs*. I do *not* take any of *their* things away as “punishment”. I don’t control how much they are “allowed” to play with their things. I consider *our* home to be *our* home not them living under “my” roof. I respect who each person is that lives under “our” roof as an individual. Papa and I just happen to be the adults who have more experience and in all honesty we were the ones to *choose* our lifestyle, so why would it not be our (Papa and my)responsibility to maintain it? (We are “radical” unschoolers after all.)

Oh how will our girls ever grow up to be hard-working adults you ask? By Papa and I being their examples of hard-working individuals :).

Well this past weekend we were having friends over so I spent most of the week cleaning, straightening up the house. I didn’t mention anything to the girls about cleaning their rooms. Well while I was cleaning Miss Sky came up and said “what do you think about our room?”. So I followed her to her room, she had picked everything up and even made the bed. That was not all though. We are in the process of rearranging our “schoolroom” into a game room for the girls and it is a bit, okay very unorganized with things literally “strewed” everywhere. She took it upon herself to straighten it up too! She did *all* of this without me even asking her to help. Her reply, “I wanted to help you so we would have more time together as a family.”

When we give our love and respect as a gift to those we love*without* expecting anything back in return what a wonderful surprise it is to have the same favor returned. I have NO doubts what so ever of the adults the girls will become (because I *know* who they are now.)

So what does dogs have to do with this? Oh right, Little Sis loved Miss Sky’s Nintendogs game on the DS so much she bought one too.

She bought the Dalmatian one and both girls spent lots of time with their dogs playing together and buying gifts for each others dog. I found a copy of the Nintendogs companion guide for $4 on E-bay that I purchased to surprise them and to help “feed” their interest. They loved it as it had a list of all the dogs you can raise and tells about each one and the care they need.

Games? Are we that predictable? 🙂 Yes Papa and Little Sis played checkers and lots and lots of Frog Juice.I found Wii Party at Ebay for pennies and we all have played several times together as a family as well as some Mortal Kombat too. Mario Party 8? Yeah, and lots and lots of Rummikub. We even introduced our friends to it and to Disney Apples to Apples.

Miss Sky is still on a Kingdom Hearts kick and has made a Kingdom Hearts world on Minecraft. She has found spoof videos on YouTube that she has been watching and both girls have been turning the TV all the way down while watching their favorite shows making up new storylines (not able to use your brain while watching television huh?) and laughing up a storm.

Miss Sky has also been spending time at Marvel.com creating more superheros, checking out other people’s art work and researching more on X-23. She even created an isolation space at Minecraft in her Marvel world (she has created “several” worlds in Minecraft).

What can I say, life really is this good!


2 Responses to “A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/ “Who Let The Dogs Out?””

  1. Kathy Says:

    I love reading your blog, so up lifting it’s truly gave me a new out look on life and a lot of things. God has sure blessed me with a friend like you! Love you girl and I will continue to pray for you and that wonderful family!

    • dkjsv05 Says:

      You are so sweet Kathy thank you :). I too am very blessed to have you as my friend.

      It can be so mind blowing at first, like what!?! Then once it sets in it makes perfect sense, then to actually see it unfold before your very eyes is just down right amazing! Life is good!

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