A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/ “Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear”

Whew, I am glad it’s Monday and the start of new week. These last few weeks have been pretty stressful as *many* things seemed to rear their ugly heads all at once. Finally though, it’s all good.

So what ever have the girls been up to? Like most of my posts I try to pull from a common theme and this past week, “Mom do we have any bear books?”, is no different.

Little Sis discovered The Tangerine Bear movie on Netflix and has declared it her favorite movie. I have come to the conclusion that it is indeed her favorite movie after having watched it with her almost every night, it is a rather cute movie.

Something else that the girls have been keeping themselves busy with these last few weeks is pinning on Pinterest. I created them each their own board on my account and by golly they have been filling it!

(Little Sis adding more Corduroy books to her board)

I actually am happy about this as it gives me more opportunity to know what the girls are interested in or what they want. This helps me to feed their interests better and I am all for making our household better. After noticing a few of the girls pins I knew a trip to Half Price Books was in order.

Not only did we find a few of the Corduroy books on Little Sis’s list (to add to our collection of “bear stories”)but Miss Sky found something she has really taken great interest in as well, like Manga. Miss Sky has discovered the Anime channel on Netflix and we have been checking out the shows Fruits Basket and Spice and Wolf together. This new interest was brought on by her new-found love of Kingdom Hearts and her research.

Taking a little tangent here, I feel like I have passed some kind of unschooling test. For the first time I walked into a book store without any intention of trying to sway the girls into purchasing a book. I no longer see books as being any better of a choice to learn from then movies or video games. I wouldn’t have given it another thought if instead both changed their minds and bought a video game. I can truly *see* all the learning that is taking place in our home.

Not only has Miss Sky been reading manga or watching anime but she has been drawing, drawing, drawing up a storm (completing 3 notebooks full already)as well as creating anime at Disney Create. We also have Hayao Miyazaki’s movies all lined up to ship from Netflix for our next family movie adventures(now that we have caught up with all the Avenger movies 🙂 ).

Getting back to Little Sis we have spent many days snuggled up in bed this past week reading from our new collection of bear books. I surprised her with one too.

Yes, The Tangerine Bear was a book before it was a movie and Little Sis could not wait to read it. She stopped me many times to tell me how different the book was from the movie but was extremely pleased to add it to her collection.

Games? Yes, more and more of Frog Juice, Rummikub, Go Fish, Toss Up, Sherlock, Spot it and Wizard Junior. Video games? Yes, Mario Party 8, Family game night(2 and 3) and Wii Party (all as a family) with Swap Meet quickly becoming one of our favorites as well as Spot the Sneak.

Minecraft? Yes and playing games at Friv.com, and thanks to our neighbor an indoor herb garden.He found it for $1 at a local DIY store and thought of the girls. “Strewing” from neighbors, I love when that happens!

Yes even though some days I need to be reminded myself, it is a good life!


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