“How physical are your kids? “

Yes it is tea time for me once more. Time to myself where I enjoy “reading a little”.  Today’s reading comes from Sandra Dodd’s musicroom page (big surprise I’m sure ;)). It also ties in really well with this weeks Week In The Life post.


“My first question is what the parents are doing for sport, dance and physical activity. Is it seen within the family as something schoolkids do, rather than part of the regular world?

Some families hike or ski or snowboard, ride horses, sail, garden, build things… Not all exercise and physical activity are school-style team sports. If the principle is knowing more about their strength and their bodies and having opportunities to use them. Do you have a tree swing or do you take your children to a public playground? Do they have access to shovels and a place (and maybe a real reason) to dig? Do you gather, cut or carry firewood? I don’t recommend making them do that, but if the parents do that the children might want to help.

If the parents do none of those things, why should the children? If the parents used to but don’t anymore, perhaps they could find ways to add more physical activity back into their lives?”

Our family loves to hike and be outdoors. Miss Sky is sporting a lovely new tan. I *never* needed to limit the television(or video games) from my girls for this love to flourish. It had already been planted from Papa and my love of the outdoors.

Now if we could only break this triple digit heat wave.


3 Responses to ““How physical are your kids? “”

  1. Jamie Says:

    This heat is just awful,it is draining us of energy to even go out and do anything.I was afraid of letting the fireworks off but we had the pond to set them off over and had the extinguishers ready.

    The other day we did get rain for one minute and shane and Zachary went out to do an rain dance as well.lol

  2. ingimc Says:

    Well, it’s winter here (no snow!), but we do know about heatwaves. I love that question – apparently our HS inspector has been asking “what do your kids do to get their heartrate up?”.

    In Australia, there seems to be an over-emphasis on “sport”. From the mother of a son with limited physical skills, this is a nightmare. But my husband and I have discussed it – generally, once kids leave school, the active participation in sport stops, unless you are particularly talented.

    What I want for my kids is the same as for myself – to be physically active around the house and do some form of exercise that I find (semi!) enjoyable to keep me healthy. This focus on ball sports, gymnastics and the like that our syllabus has is unnecessary. At least as homeschoolers we can address those things in our own way, and not in front of 30 other kids who will laugh at us if we do it wrong.

    We ski, we bushwalk, we run, we swim, we trampoline. Those are all good things and I love your other “unschool” ways of being physical. That is what I want for me and my kids!

    OK, rant over! You really hit a nerve 🙂

    • dkjsv05 Says:

      Rant away 🙂

      Sky is the same way as your son. I like to tell those who question me about my kids being in spots a story of one summer of Sky at VBS(vacation bible school)that was spots themed. Each day the kids played a different sport for the outdoors activity and one day it was soccer.

      *Taking a slight detour here I lived and played soccer from the age of 5 until high school. I loved it! I played every position including goalie and was good! Our team won first place so many times they had to split us all up on different teams to give someone else a chance. I know every secret way there is to pass, throw and I was the one they called in to take the penalty shot. I even made a boy goalie puke I kicked the ball so hard giving me the nick name thunder thighs around school :).*

      Imagine my surprise when it was time for Sky to try to make a goal(she was about 5 then) she covered her ears, started to scream at the top of her lungs and cried and cried. She wanted NOTHING to do with soccer! She is just not sport material. I am happy my kids don’t *have to* take PE and that they have the option of hiking and bike riding instead. While in St. Louis at the zoo Little Sis(6) walked 3 miles, in slip on shoes and 90 degree weather, without complaining one bit. The girls are very active and healthy but most important they are HAPPY.

      If either one of them ever want to try out for sports, which I think Little Sis will once she gets past her shyness, they are more than welcomed to but I will be just as happy with them if they don’t :).

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