A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/ It’s Hot, Hot, Hot

This post could have easily been titled “just keep swimming” as well. 🙂

Man has it been hot! We have been breaking all kinds of weather records here in the Hoosier state. Add this with no rain in months and you might as well say the 4th of July has been canceled. Fireworks have been banned, even sparklers. I, having read about the wild fires in Colorado, completely understand why the ban is necessary but not having fireworks on the 4th of July kind of defeats the holiday you know. Even our small town firework display has been canceled. Oh well what can you do really, it has been a tough summer for many people. Besides the girls don’t seem to mind they could be found swimming in their little kiddie pool all week long.

Which brings me to my point. With the temperatures reaching triple digits the girls have been spending a lot more time indoors then usual, which is kind of funny (in an ironic sort of way) because our winter was so mild (didn’t sled one time last year) we spent more time outdoors then normal. However being indoors for one certain little has been a bit challenging.

Little Sis needs to move. The Wii has been great in the fact it is wireless and Little Sis can bounce around while she plays. Both girls after being at the computer awhile or watching a movie like to head outdoors to run around but when it’s 104 outside running around doesn’t sound very entertaining. So I needed to come up with an alternative for the girls to be able to run around indoors.

Something inexpensive that I could do right away was pick up a bag of balloons while at the store. Little Sis came up with several games to play with the balloons but our favorite I think has to be trying to keep several balloons up in the air without any touching the floor. Something else I did was gather items I already had from our old “circle time” days like beanbags, hula hoops and Papa even made the girls a balance beam from a 4 by 4. Next it was dragging out our old Greg and Steve CDs. Our favorite, even though they have come out with some new ones since then, is The Kids In Action Cd with the Bop Until You Drop song.


These seemed to do the trick at least while I think up some more ideas. 🙂 I am still looking for a mini trampoline and trying to find my exercise ball and maybe pick up another one. How fun to it would be to watch television or play video games while bouncing on the ball.

In other news we made a trip to Goodwill in search of some new ideas and couldn’t believe our luck at finding one of Papa’s favorite board games, Risk brand new never opened for $2. I also found more dominoes to add to our collection.

Miss Sky found her something that she has wanted for a long time(a fur real pet)

and has been pretending to be in animal rescue.

I also changed out our “strewing” table adding a new fantasy puzzle after Little Sis and I finished one the other night. Before I changed the table it was home to several of our nature items we’ve accumulated on our hikes and magazines. It was time to change things up a bit.

There was more readings of The Tangerine Bear and of course our usual game playing of Frog Juice, Spot It, and Wii Party with Little Sis really getting in with Wii Bingo. Then there was more Super Mario Brothers as a family where we finally made it to world 7.

There was more playing at dressupgames.com,  Little Sis playing Putt Putt Saves the Zoo, Animal Jam was all the rage this week with their Summer Carnival and the new game Dress Your Best.“Mom what does epic mean?”

Miss Sky found a new game she has been playing all week called Friends Hang Out.com and we have really been getting in with the anime show Fruits Basket. I also have been reading one of her manga books Psycho Busters and surprisingly really getting in with this form of art and writing.


Besides the heat and not being able to set off fireworks it really is a good life!

Happy 4th of July!


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