A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/ I’m Sorry

Or in other words the week I really messed things up.

I am a planner. It’s not necessarily a bad thing to be prepared but having the need to always plan things out does have its downfalls. For one just because I am good at planning doesn’t always mean I’m good at seeing those plans through. See I also tend to procrastinate a bit as well.

Papa is production, thanks to his job. He doesn’t procrastinate, in fact he usually is lighting the fire under my butt to get me going. We really are good for each other but sometimes oil and water just don’t mix.

Each of our 3 girls range in having a bit of both our personalities but Big Sis (so far) is the most like her Papa and I learned a thing or two from her as well as more about myself last week. So as the lights begin to dim and the stage is set let our story unfold.

Last week Papa was on vacation and if that wasn’t good enough Big Sis was flying in from San Francisco for a visit too. We all couldn’t have been more excited but there I was over thinking (I am really, really bad at this and it is something I am working hard on changing)and planning out our week. The only problem was I was planning everything out around me and what I wanted to do. I saw it as a week of us all being home together as a family and a good time to plan an excursion. I uh didn’t think to take into consideration what the ones who would be home for the week wanted to do, which of course was nothing.

Papa works hard 12 hour days (more times than not) in this heat we are ever so blessed to be having this year(his place of business has no air conditioning). Big Sis works hard too in a huge city with no car that she needs to use public transportation to get her there everyday. Me well I’m home most of the week and with this heat wave we have been stuck indoors more than I like to be for summer (have I mentioned it’s hot). I hope you all can see where I am going with this. Yes a bit of yucky entered our home, I will add only temporarily but it was enough to make all those great and perfect memories I had all planned out in my mind fizzle fast.

“Did you think I would come home for a week and everything would be perfect?” Big Sis really has a great perspective of life at her age and tends to be very honest about her opinions at times. 🙂  Thing is I *did* think in my mind everything would be perfect. “Well life is not perfect.” Damn when did she grow up?

She is right, life is not perfect. You’d think I would have learned that by now. The good news is, yes there is good that comes out of our yucky, I learned from my mistakes. I’ve learned to back track to find out what went wrong so that it will not happen again. Unfortunately what I found wasn’t what I wanted to see. It was me and my over thinking that started the whole thing. Seriously I wish I could stop thinking so damn much sometimes. Oh how I wish I could just ride the waves and go with the flow. To stop worrying about this or that and just live!

I learned that since I am the one who needs to get out more that I can do that even if it’s just going for a walk. This was another *huge* aha moment for me. I realized when first starting this journey into radical unschooling that I was a control freak. I guess there still was a little control chip left on my shoulder that needed polishing.

Things were not all lost though. There still was lots and lots of game playing. Big Sis joined us for a little Wii Party and gave us some new competition. We played all our usual games of Frog Juice, Rummikub, Mario Party 8, Disney Apples to Apples, Monopoly Deal, Toss Up, Uno, and Little Sis discovered a new favorite game(to her) Sorry.

Little Sis also found a new Putt Putt game on Ebay she wanted. “Mom how do you spell birthday?” Pep’s birthday surprise and has been playing it all week.


She also played Putt Putt saves the Zoo again and “Mom what’s a cheese puff?.

My 6-year-old daughter has never had a cheese puff so off to the store we went in search of cheese puffs to have us a taste test. I personally love Cheetos crunchy, why Little Sis has never had one because they are just too tempting to have around the house, but Little Sis prefered the taste of the air puffed ones, which is good news for me. 🙂

Little Sis  also showed Papa how to pin on Pinterest, something she has gotten very good at. I noticed from some of her pins a trip to United Art and Education was in order. She was ready for some “big girl” coloring books and they have a nice selection of Dover ones (she has already colored half of this book).


I also took advantage of the “Back to school” sales to stock up on some new supplies.

Speaking of Pinterest, while at the store Little Sis asked if we could get a fresh pineapple to try. I was reminded of seeing something about planting the top of the pineapple to see it grow on Pinterest and thought why not.


We decided fresh pineapple needed to play more of a part in our diets (it is so good).

Kingdom Hearts is still all the rage around these parts and Miss Sky has finally defeated the big boss Maleficent even after she becomes the dragon. I already have Kingdom Hearts 2 on its way here. It has also inspired lots and lots more drawings.

I love Little Sis’s Donald.

And our family movie of the week was Avatar. Papa and I had already seen it but Miss Sky wanted to see it for the special effects.

You know even when life gets yucky sometimes it’s still pretty darn good!


2 Responses to “A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/ I’m Sorry”

  1. ingimc Says:

    Ahh – the awkward moment when our imaginations clash with reality! Glad you reclaimed your yucky 🙂

    • Jessie Says:

      It was still an amazing vaction even though we had our moments.. don’t worry.. I have great memories from it. We will always have differences because we are different people but I will continue to always love you none the less.

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