“How To Screw Up Unschooling”

Oh wonderful tea time. 🙂

Time for me to do a “little reading”. If there is anyone curious of what “little reading” means, I thought I might explain. There is a phrase coined by Sandra Dodd , whose page I also happen to be quoting from today, that she likes to tell all unschoolers new or not. “Read a little, try a little, wait awhile, watch.”

When first discovering radical unschooling, or anything new for that matter, it can be pretty easy to get caught up reading *everything* that has ever been written on the topic all at once. If you are busy, busy reading you are not allowing the information to sink in. You are not allowing your thoughts to question your current parenting “methods”.

You may not realize how many things we do without ever thinking as to why we might do them, example who invented breakfast food? I understand what the word means but who made it a rule that pancakes can only be for breakfast? Why couldn’t I eat a steak and potato? We no longer have foods with “breakfast” labels in our home we eat *food* when we are hungry.

The same goes with our sayings. A big one for us growing up was “eat your crusts that is where all the vitamins are”. Wow so while the bread is baking all the vitamins begin to move towards the top? Maybe they do but I know the one telling us that was not the one who discovered it, they where just spitting out phrases they had picked up from somewhere else. Oh and I guess China must have grown stronger because I finished all of my plate too. 🙂

Anyways, if you read without questioning your reasoning you could very well miss seeing how and why uschooling works. Or think you do understand it all and do too much all at once then complain later how unschooling doesn’t work. Which brings me back to my quotes.

The page I am linking to contains lots and lots of ways you can screw up unschooling, I have been guilty of more of these than I would like to admit but here are just a few that made me smack my head a few times. However this post is not to bring on more guilt trips but to empower *you* with the knowledge that you *can* change the relationship with your family for the  better.

“Place no value on their opinions because they are only kids after all!”

“Set your default response to “no.” ”

“When asked the reason you said “no”, respond with “because I said so”. ”

“Punish first, ask questions later.”

“When your kid asks for anything, always say: “maybe later”, “in a little while”, “next time”, “I’m busy.””

“Don’t let them watch TV.”

“Don’t show any interest in their interests.” *adding mine* or only show interest in the things *you* like of their interests.

“Don’t allow a mess, or always make kids clean up”

You can read the rest of the post here.


Happy Monday!



One Response to ““How To Screw Up Unschooling””

  1. ingimc Says:

    Loved that post! Timely reminder 🙂 You would also like this, that came across my screen today:


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