A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/ Anime(ation)

So for those of you that did not know there was a holiday among unschoolers, that was celebrated Tuesday created by Sandra Dodd, called Learn Nothing Day. This would be our first year at attempting to celebrate (last years came at the brink of when we first started unschooling and we were not able to join in). Unfortunately I am sorry to say we failed miserably at trying our hardest not to learn a thing.

As soon as the girls woke up one child started playing on the computer (reading, typing, and spelling involved) while another decided she needed to cut out her mini books from her last few My Big Backyard magazines and then went on to read me *all* of the ones she has (cutting, small motor skills, putting pages in order and reading too). Darn our luck.I mean you would think that by only getting 1 day off a year the girls would have jumped at the opportunity to learn nothing for once, oh well I guess there is always next year. Maybe we will be more prepared for it then. 🙂

Other than our failure to celebrate Learn Nothing Day this week was all about Anime. Wouldn’t you believe that Miss Sky has got me hooked on yet another cartoon series, seriously I think I have watched more cartoon series this past year then ever before. This time it is the series Fruits Basket.


It reminds me so much of an animated soap opera but for the life of me I just can’t stop watching and if watching the show wasn’t enough thanks to this show the girls wanted to know more about Japanese culture as well as what their zodiac signs were.


Which brings me back to the one child doing research on the computer when she was suppose to be learning nothing. I think a visit to a local Japanese steak house is in order very, very soon.

I mentioned previously how this new interest was brought on by the video game Kingdom Hearts which the girls have been busy playing all week so they could start Kingdom Hearts 2 right away when it arrived(which they did). Thanks to this video game the girls have also been busy drawing as well. I have been finding their works of art all over the house.A drawing of Little Sis’s favorite character she has taped to her bedroom wall.

I have another surprise arriving soon as I found a used set of the Kingdom Hearts Manga on Ebay that they had pinned on their Pinterest boards.


I can’t wait to see their faces.

Miss Sky spent time at Disney Create creating new anime characters as well.If this wasnt enough anime for 1 week we also received our first Hayao Miyazaki movie from Netflix this week called Howl’s Moving Castle. This movie receives 2 thumbs up from all of us, I really recommend it. We have the movie Ponyo to watch next and I for one can’t wait.

Okay anime aside there was plenty of Minecraft, we watched new episodes of Martha Speaks, we played more Wii Party, and the girls played Nitendogs on their DS (where they *learned* how to record their voices on a record and laughed up a storm while turning the speed up and down changing the way their voice sounded).

Miss Sky found yet another game to play on-line that she really likes called Begone. You could find her and Papa together strategizing her next moves. You could find Papa playing this game on his own too.


Oh yes and there was a new Nintendo Power magazine that Miss Sky was very excited to read of the new Kingdom Hearts game being released.

I guess it’s not the girls fault that they couldn’t help themselves from learning this week.

What can I say, life is good! 🙂




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