A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/ A(n)- Outing We Will Go

We finally have seen a break in the heat this week. We have been able to turn our air conditioner off a few times and hear the sounds of summer (oh how I miss the smell and sound of the rain). I for one can’t wait until fall. I am SO over this heat we’ve had this year. Next year I definitely am finding a nice outdoor pool to belong to.

Well this week was all about getting out of the house for a while and with the temps only making it to the high 80s a few times just made it that much better. For starters we packed us up a backpack full of food and drinks and walked down to our small park to take in the fresh air.It felt so good to get out and stretch our legs. Speaking of stretching our legs, if you have ever been (or lived) in the state of Indiana you would know motor racing is pretty big here, thanks to the Indy 500. This past weekend our state hosted Nascars Brickyard 400. Papa is a *huge* Nascar fan, okay he loves cars period. If you have ever watched the classic Christmas movie A Christmas Story, which takes place in this great state of ours, you will be familiar with the scene where Ralphy says the mother of all words while helping his dad change a flat tire. In that scene it explains how his dad always pictured himself down in the pits during the Indy 500, well that is Papa. This past weekend Papa and I had the opportunity to get up close and personal with those pits as we were given tickets to the Brickyard.This would be my first time to actually see a race at the track and if you have never been, it is something I think everyone should do at least once(but bring ear plugs). There is so much more to racing then just driving around in a circle.The girls and I thought it would be a good idea to make a trip out to JoAnnes to stock up on some supplies, like some more burlap and muslin. Little Sis has taken an interest in learning how to sew and burlap is the best material for beginners to practice with.She got started making a cat right away.

While out and about that way we stepped into Half Price Books to have a look for any Fruits Basket manga. The girls and I have finished the anime series and I read that much was left out from the manga so I want to see what was missed. Yes the Fruits Basket manga is for me but of course the girls can read it too if the want. 🙂 We were in luck and found a few books in the series.

Speaking of manga the girls received their Kingdom Hearts manga in the mail and was thrilled!Little Sis ran in all excited, “Mom, mom I can read these books! There are some words I still have trouble with like mushroom but I figured them out.” I recommend these books 100% to anyone who has a Kingdom Heart fan and beginning reader. They have given her SO much confidence.

On a side note how exciting it is to see Little Sis SO fired up that *she* figured out she could read. I can not even begin to explain how much this boosted her confidence toward learning. Seriously I have seen a few negative posts lately about unschooling and parents taking joy in the fact that they are the ones “in charge” of their children’s life. Speaking from experience as having a 22-year-old daughter, what a wake up call it will be when you find out how false that really is. I can’t help but feel a little sad for those children. It is obvious they have never seen the pure joy on a child’s face that has learned something all on their own.

Let’s see there was more Rummikub and Wii Party where we took turns playing The Friend Connection game. Little Sis and I came in last place, in fact we broke the record for worst couple score ever getting only 1 question right. Miss Sky and I were the most compatible, man she is such a mini version of me.

There was more episodes of Martha Speaks and we watched the movie Ponyo as a family which wasn’t bad but I still like Howl’s Moving Castle better.

Yes there was more Kingdom Hearts, actually Miss Sky has made it halfway through the game Kingdom Hearts 2 already. Her gaming skills have improved SO much. Now I call for her to help *me* pass a boss. She and Papa played more of the game Begone on the computer and both girls spent a good amount of time playing Animal Jam this week I think because they added one of Miss Sky’s most favorite animals, foxes.

Last but not least Little Sis and I worked a puzzle of the Impressionist Edgar Degas’s painting (Dance Class)and found out we were missing a piece.

Well now to get back to my manga reading. 🙂

Life sure is good!


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