A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/ Not Back To School Week(Thank Goodness!)

This week the kids in our area went back to school and like every year when I see the kids walking down the street with their new clothes and backpacks on to catch the bus, I like to take a moment to look back over past posts to see how we are doing.

Around this time last year, our family made the decision to toss Waldorf education out the window and started unschooling. This time last year our family pledged to put our families relationship first. This time last year our family began our “deschooling” journey. Do I regret our decision? NO WAY! As cheesy, or corny, or crazy this may sound, radical unschooling has changed our life! We finally have found *our* way.

I love reading back over past posts and seeing what was going on in my mind at the time. I love the fact that I am able to go back and *see* when “deschooling”  for us had ended and unschooling began. I always tell people who find out about my blog that *I* am my biggest reader :).

While taking a stroll down memory lane, I began to notice a pattern in *our* learning. I say us because Papa and I have learned SO much about ourselves as well as how we learn best. So many people question whether unschooling can truly work and I can not write enough about how important “deschooling” is for *you*, the parents because once you understand how *you*, yourself learn all the unschooling pieces come falling into place. What I noticed most about our journey into unschooling is all the different topics *I*, myself have taken interest in learning.

One topic was the Tudors and King Henry the eighth. It all started by me picking up a copy of The Other Boleyn Girl, then by watching the Showtime series, The Tudors on Netflix. While watching the series I had to stop many times to look up on the computer who all the characters were and how much truth was behind the series. I found other movies, books,  and documentaries on the topic and learned all that I wanted before moving on to the next topic. I can see this same pattern happening with the girls. Miss Sky will find a video game, like Ice Age, and before you know it she is doing internet searches on the topic and we are watching the movies, documentaries, visiting museums and then she will ask lots and lots of questions. You can literally see the light bulb go off in her brain when she has made a connection and then she is ready to move on.

I noticed from my notes this week that our game playing has died down a bit. I believe the reason for this is because Little Sis has found herself able to read. It’s pretty much what she could be found doing all week. In fact, it’s pretty much what you could find both girls doing all week.

Our season of game playing is over, at this point in time anyway, while Little Sis begins to connect new pieces of her puzzle. Well, it’s not completely over, I mean there will always be a game played here and there before dinner or in between readings. For instance, we did play a few games of Wii Party together this week.

*On a side note, I highly recommend this game. There are SO many great games and each one has become a favorite. This week it was Globe Trot, which is great for learning geography and more Friend Connection.*

And I believe Minecraft and Animal Jam will continue to play their part in our weeks as well.

Movies have also played a big part in our week as we watched the anime movie The Cat Returns, as a family, in which Little Sis has declared it her favorite anime movie thus far (she LOVES cats). Then the girls thought it a good idea to watch the Disney movies portrayed in the game Kingdom Hearts. They still enjoy watching them in Spanish and love to figure out what the Spanish translation of words are, and they could be heard around the house repeating Winnie Poo in their best Spanish accents (Have I mentioned how much I love these girls of mine?). 🙂

Miss Sky and I watched The Stan Lee story on Netflix and what can I say but my respect for his creative spirit had grown SO much more. I found it very interesting that when comic books first came out they were blamed for juvenile delinquents and asthma because children would be found indoors *reading* instead of playing outside. Kind of sounds like the cynical claims some have of television and video games today (hmm)

Last but not least last night Miss Sky called me outdoors, “Mom have you seen this sky?” So outside I flew with camera in hand to enjoy the sunset with my little girl.“Isn’t it beautiful mom?” As I stared up at the sky a proud mama tear began to form in the corner of my eye, that what some would call my “spoiled” daughter (who we choose not to shame, or punish, or spank just because they were not born with the same knowledge as what we have as adults or because they may act differently then what we did as a child, or that is allowed to watch all the television and play video games for however long she would like) could take a moment of her time and pause long enough to admire true beauty when she sees it.

Folks, indeed I truly do love this life of mine!


3 Responses to “A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/ Not Back To School Week(Thank Goodness!)”

  1. unboundedocean Says:

    I just found your blog through the merry dance of clicking things on the internet, and loved this post – especially because you say something I say all the time ‘Radical Unschooling changed our life’!! Aren’t we lucky that we can stop and enjoy the sunsets?!

    • dkjsv05 Says:

      Hi Joanne and welcome 🙂

      Yes, I count myself very blessed (and ever so glad to have found Sandra Dodd’s say yes page)!

  2. Sara McGrath Says:

    Great post!

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