A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/ We’re Moving On Out, Outdoors That Is

Yes the heat wave has broken, for how long I really don’t care because right now is wonderful! The windows are open and we even could hear and smell the pitter patter of rain. *Not to self, do not ever, ever complain about the rain and cold again. 🙂 *

I can’t help but feel a bit sorry for all the school kids who are stuck indoors all day now that the temps have finally dropped. I know how antsy I felt being stuck indoors this summer, I can only imagine being a kid. Well there is nothing I can really do about that but I can do something with my family, and we have too.

Like walks and the park have been added back into our days along with playing freeze tag and red light green light in the backyard but hikes, yes that’s what we really like, are back.Of course there are premade paths already laid out for you but what fun is it to travel were everyone else has. Besides that’s how you miss all the good stuff. 🙂If your clothes are not dirty by the time we leave then something is very wrong.

Once home from our day of exploration homemade pizza and a movie seemed to fit so I went through my “secret Disney movie stash”(that I have been collecting from Goodwill) to see which movies the girls haven’t seen yet and Fox and the Hound seemed just right. However the girls did not agree. “Wow this movie is filled with too many stereotype messages for me to enjoy”. Just a warning, once you begin your journey into radical unschooling your movie watching days will never be the same again. 😉

I guess after watching the movie now that I am an adult I can see why it never made it onto the Disney “greatest hits” list but seriously I don’t ever remember thinking about stereotypes at their age. What I will say is this movie caused a very long discussion(like still going over breakfast the next day) about hunting for sport and food. Let’s not forget that one of Miss Sky’s most favorite animals are foxes.

Speaking of movies the girls and I started watching the series Fruits Basket again. Now that I am reading the manga, which they did leave out a lot in the series, I am able to pick up on more of the clues. Well I thought watching The Little Travelers Japan might be fun and the girls agreed(*they* really like The Little Travelers DVDs). How great it was to watch this after Fruits Basket. It opened the door a little bit more into japanese culture. Add this with having a WWII paratrooper veteran right next door who still has his photos of Japan and we struck gold(but more on that next post).

The girls recognized right away how the school uniforms in the anime series where exactly the same as in the documentary. We also learned why it is proper to exit a room backwards (which you see a lot of in the anime series too).

We did play the game Life on the Wii and the board game Sorry this week but Kingdom Hearts is still the big news around these parts. Little Sis bought the DS game Kingdom Hearts 358/2. It takes place in between Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2.She is so excited because this really is her first game she has been able to read and play along with all on her own. She has carried her DS around the house with her wherever she goes. Oh am I worried about her being “addicted” to a “screen”? NO WAY, she is reading on her own! Can’t you see her happiness? Why would I not *want* my child to be happy? I don’t know many *happy* addicts.

Besides I have seen first hand everything the girls have not only learned because of the Kingdom Hearts video game but are doing. Miss Sky has been busy inventing her own charactersand that red notebook is filled with her story ideas.

I asked if they wanted a how to draw anime book and both answered in unison, “No, we like drawing *our way*”. You know what, they always have too. 🙂

Life is good!



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