“Kind Of Like Cocaine”

Well, I received an old, very “popular” Waldorf e-zine in my inbox this morning. One that I was trying to unsubscribe and unfortunately got baited into reading a certain article about children and technology.

“I’m worried about studies showing that the more time children spend with TV and video games the less well they do in school and the more calories they consume.”

The quotes, including my title, come from this article written by Susan Linn.


I wasn’t going to bring this here at first because usually, I laugh these type of articles off, I mean I have a child who learned how to read from playing video games, but comparing what happens to a child’s brain while playing them to “cocaine” just downright pissed me off.

These are exactly the types of articles that flame parents fears and give them more of an excuse to be control freaks.

Like this quote “A few years ago, one survey of 8- to 18-year-olds found that almost one-quarter said that they “felt addicted” to video games.”

(Notice it never mentions how *many* kids were surveyed, was it 500 or 100 or 10?)

Did anyone ask these kids what kind of upbringing they had? Maybe these “one-quarter” of kids HAD to escape reality. Maybe they had parents who didn’t give a crap about them!

Or that maybe, just maybe it’s hard for certain kids to be kept indoors for 6-7 hours a day getting information stuffed down their throat and when they do get home they *need* to unwind. I don’t know very many adults who come home after working that many hours that don’t need to unwind, so why would we not expect children to.

What *I* do know is my kids are NOT “addicted” to television, or video games, or the computer. My kid’s brains are NOT mush. They are very bright individuals who realize THEY are the ones in control of how much they do these things.

Stop giving into fear, watch *your* children, listen to them! See *them* and all they are doing. Watch television with them, play video games with them.

Really, in my opinion, what children are lacking today is love and attention from their parents. So be kinder and loving to them! Tell them you love them every day, do things with *them* that make *them* happy and bring smiles to their faces. Laugh and play *with* them.

Kindness begets kindness and violence beget violence the choice is ours and always has been.


One Response to ““Kind Of Like Cocaine””

  1. ingimc Says:

    I loved this post! Really isn’t what all of us want is be listened to and valued? I’m guilty of “zoning out” when my kids rave on about some video game I have no idea about, but you remind me to listen, to talk – and they so appreciate it.

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