A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/ The Ladies Of The Rings

Well this week flew by in a flash I tell you. Busy, busy we were. The weather has been wonderful and even with our family now unschooling with all kinds of “screen” technology we fully are aware fall is just around the corner.

Fall is *the* season in our household. There are apples that need picking and walks that need taking and wood that needs stacking and freezers that need filling oh and birthdays too. Yes my production senses have stirred.

So this week was all about walks to the park (we even managed to do a little rain dancing), fires in the backyard, trips out to see farmer friends, to start working on filling those freezers I mentioned(beef, pork, chicken, chicken broth, corn and pizza sauce check), and a visit to the Optometrist.

If you couldn’t tell Miss Sky has grown right out of her glasses so an appointment was way overdue. Papa and Miss Sky were up first and I can’t help but laugh at this family of mine. From the moment we walked in it was question after question. While we waited Miss Sky got caught up in the video they had playing about all the different procedures you can have done now to your eyes( because they are way more interesting than their DS games). ” Wow mom look at how they can fix your eyes with lasers”, honestly I don’t know what was more exciting learning about how your eyes work or the fact that you can use lasers on them, I just hoped our doctor was in an answering kind of mood (and thank goodness she was). 🙂

Did I mention apples? Ah yes the girls seem to have an extraordinary keen sense to apple season. This past year we didn’t follow any type of “seasonal rhythm” (except that of our own) and yet somehow they still knew the time was near. While searching through our bookshelves Little Sis pulled the story The Apple Cake for a reading, which I very much obliged. ” Is it time to make our apple cake yet?” After a quick internet search I found that indeed it is time for a visit to the apple orchard. Little Sis also thought playing a few rounds of Disney Apples to Apples might be a good idea too, so we did. As well as more Wii Party Globe Trot and Friend Connection.

Kingdom Hearts? Yes, yes and yes. Miss Sky and Little Sis have been playing the video games and decided to reread the manga series. They each have been busy on Disney Create making even more characters in which Little Sis invented Sad Girl. They even made Kingdom Hearts Mii characters.

There has been more reading ,

Little Sis could not wait for me to start the Jenny and the Cat Club series, this girl loves cats(again found used on E-bay), and Miss Sky has been rereading all her Ology series (I think triggered from watching one of her most favorite movie series).


Movies? Well after all the busyness earlier in the week we decided to kick back and relax for the rest with a little telly. We watched The Little Travelers in Bali and Miss Sky suggested a viewing of one of her favorite series was in order, because you know there is a new release coming out this year. 😉Yes we are a family of fantasy nerds. I was raised with the wonderful storytelling of Tolkien and Lewis(Thanks dad 🙂 ) but it was Big Sis who got Miss Sky hooked on The Lord of the Rings movies.

We go back and forth between Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and Narnia, with Miss Sky adding the Marvel movies to the list( I wonder what Little Sis will add?) but Lord of the Rings is by far Miss Sky’s favorite. We have watched these movies so much we are able to spot the goofs but we still always manage to find something new, especially with Miss Sky interested in special effects.

What else is left to say but life is good, wishing everyone a great weekend!


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