“There Never Was A Time When Everybody Was Rushing Through Coming Out Good Readers”

Well this time instead of “reading a little”, I am watching a little. The quote above is from the school reformer himself, John Holt.

I am an origins person, someone who likes to dig into history to see where inspiration might have originally come from. Like before Michael Jackson there was a guy by the name of Cab Callaway. Or Before Jerry Lewis there was a guy named Stan Laurel and before Stan was Charlie Chaplin. Well before Sandra Dodd there was John Holt.

I always am amazed how people from my generation (I was born in the 70s)  constantly complain about the negative state our country is in (which I agree with them that it is). However I don’t think many take the time to research back in history to see how negative the state of our country has always been. How many remember fuel rations?

Well the same can be said for school reform. I think every president the United States has had, since public education became mandatory, tried to reform education, and guess what? We still have children who fail and drop out. There still is a committee of people trying to come up with ways to get children reading. Why do you think that is? Could it be maybe because there still are children who don’t follow the one size fits all educational system? I am even going to go out on a limb here and bet that after all 3 of our girls are out of “school” age the educational system will still fail lots and lots of children and there still will be kids who have trouble learning to read.

*Adding in my own personal opinion that as long as children are shamed into feeling stupid because they learn differently from the rest of the class, this will always be a problem.

I speak as someone who was put in remedial math just because I wasn’t the first person to get a math problem on the chalkboard right.  I am someone who was labeled “slow”. No one took into consideration that I was *incredibly* shy and hated to be called out in front of the class.*

I really like this video interview of John Holt and wish there were many more of them. So grab a cuppa tea and enjoy. 🙂


One Response to ““There Never Was A Time When Everybody Was Rushing Through Coming Out Good Readers””

  1. attachlings Says:

    Yup. 😉

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