A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/ Spring Forward, Falling Behind

Now that “school” for us doesn’t have a beginning or end (always learning we are) I have noticed our own natural rhythm beginning to take shape around these parts.

I thought that this summer would find us busier then what we were and that it would be the best time for us to take a break from keeping attendance records. However I have found it harder for me to keep track of everything the girls have been up to now at the start of fall. So I am thinking that instead of fall being our “official” start of the new “school” year that this year I will continue keeping attendance through summer and let fall be the season when I slack off. Then I can start keeping attendance records again at the start of the new year in January. Of course I am learning this may all change from year to year but now I understand how to make it work best for us. (I want to add that this does not change anything for the girls, they will continue living and learning as they know it. I am finding myself busier during this season and having a much harder time trying to keep track of this or that.)

None of this probably makes any sense to anyone but me but I thought I would share. Here in Indiana the homeschooling law requires us to have 180 days of school recorded. It doesn’t “have to” be the same schedule as public school. This is our second year unschooling and now I can see how ridiculous it is for us to follow the same schedule as public school. Part of the wonderful joys of homeschooling is having the freedom to make a schedule that works best for your family.

Now then what have the girls been up to? Well I did my best to write down a few things and know I have forgotten tons more. So here it all is in a nutshell.

Kingdom Hearts? Yes, not only the video game but the girls also created Kingdom Hearts characters to play the video game Sims2. They also found a Kingdom Hearts Wiki page that has been keeping them busy.

We have already made our first visit to the apple orchard for apples and slushies and need to make another one as our apple supply is gone (this family loves apples).

Movies? (Besides finishing up the series Lord of the Rings, which inspires lots of play around here.)

Yes, the anime movie Whisper Of The Heart, which went over very well with both girls, and the Disney movie Mulan, a Disney family favorite. These movies have fit right in with us rewatching the anime series Fruits Basket and even stirred more creativity

with the girls creating their own Japanese menus.

We played Super Mario Brothers on the Wii as a family and the girls have been getting in with the games at Girls Go Games.com with Little Sis’s favorite being Pony Adventure.


The girls also have been playing around with the WebCam with Miss Sky especially discovering how to use the special effects.

Life is good!


3 Responses to “A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/ Spring Forward, Falling Behind”

  1. Jessie Says:

    I want to go to the apple orchard!! I miss that. I now have ant looking for apple orchards in our area.. def not as easy find. I love you guys.

    Also it won’t let me watch the video. I guess BC I don’t have a blog

  2. jamie tobin Says:

    we visited the orchard(anderson)before i had the baby and now i cant wait to visit again bc i am addicted to the slushies,i LOVe em!!i like how the girls made the menus so cute.

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