“Try joy”

It is a beautiful pre-fall day here in Indy, perfect for a hot cuppa tea. 🙂

I have written a lot this past year of how unschooling has not only changed our girls life but mine (and Papa’s) as well. It has completely opened my eyes to so many things, helped me find true happiness (I mean joy), and gain peace from my painful childhood. This past year has been the most awaking year of my life.

How you may ask, from our family rejecting a pre-packaged life(and the many wonderful writings of unschooling moms who have already traveled this path before me). Today’s “reading a little” comes from one of those writings by Sandra Dodd.

~” Part of the pre-packaged life Americans are issued is the idea that happiness comes after college, after home ownership, after the new car. The stick that holds that carrot will not bend. If happiness depends on performance and acquisition, how long will it last? How long is your car the newest on your street before unhappiness returns?

Here’s a little paradigm shift for you to practice on. Perhaps happiness shouldn’t be the primary goal. Try joy. Try the idea that it might be enJOYable to cook, to set the table, to see your family, rather than the idea that you’ll be happy after dinner’s done and cleaned up. My guess is that such happiness might last a couple of seconds before you look around and see something else between you and happiness. Joy, though, can be ongoing, and can be felt before, during and after the meeting of goals.”~

You can read the rest here http://sandradodd.com/joy


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