A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/ Wii Are Family

I said I was going to post very soon. 🙂

Oh where to even begin, I have a whole page of notes. I guess I will just dive right in.

I myself felt we may have hit a plateau in our learning always playing and doing the same ol same ol so I thought maybe it was time to shake things up a bit with some new reading, viewing, and playing tools.

I have previously mentioned how Miss Sky and Papa enjoy playing the game Begone(on the computer) well Miss Sky has pretty much been playing that and Minecraft these last two weeks. I also have been using Pinterest to my advantage by giving the girls each their own boards to pin things they see or find that interest them or that they would like. I noticed one of the games the girls added to the list was GoldenEye 007 for the Wii. I thought with Miss Sky’s renewed interested in fighting games that maybe this was just what the doctor ordered, so to a Gamestop we did go( and I was right, it was perfect).


It is a four player game so we all can play together as a family and even have teams. Okay I want to mention that this game does need a nunchuk attached to the controller which also means you need to be able to use both hands to play, something I am going just come out and say that I suck at!

Not to mention if you want to do more than just turn in circles or shoot, like maybe change your weapon out(you can run out of ammo), or use any of your mines, or look at your map, or duck, or run away you need to be able to do it all by using both hands *at the same time*!  So it is pretty safe to say the girls kicked our butts.

I still am in disbelief of how fast the girls caught on to the game. If that was not enough Miss Sky added salt to injury by making comments like “You need to look at other players screens to see where everyone is to sneak up on them.” I barely was able to look at my own screen to see where *I *was let alone any one elses. She is so good she didn’t even have to shoot us she just came up behind us a hit us with her gun.

We also played Super Mario Brothers as a family making it all the way to level 8.

I mentioned Minecraft? Yes for both girls

as well as Play-Doh and painting for Little Sis.Movies? Yes lots of family movie time. For starters we watched some old favorites like The Nightmare Before Christmas and Beauty and the Beast. Then we watched Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland which we loved! I think Tim Burton did a wonderful job combining the 2 Alice books and as always the graphics were amazing (and the acting), but then again we are *huge* Burton fans and may be a bit biased.

Lets see there was more Fruits Basket, and Martha Speaks episodes, and Mulan. “I am watching it this time to pay closer attention to the scenery.” Just one of Miss Sky’s drawingsand Little Sis decided she would make some rice (which also makes great confetti 🙂 ).

Kingdom Hearts? Like you needed to ask, I surprised the girls with the rest of the Kingdom Heart manga (that I found used at Better World Books)both girls have already finished the books.

There was another visit to the apple orchard and we paid a visit to Half Price Books to see if they had any more Fruits Basket manga, and they did. The girls found something that caught their attention as well and have been conducting many spell experiments of their own.Last but not least the girls still have been drawing, drawing away,and because no post would be complete without one of Little Sis’s drawings.

Such a good life!


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