A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/ Iceberg Straight Ahead!

Oh another busy, busy week. Not just busy as in no time, which seems to be any week these days, but SO much learning, learning this week. So grab a hold and hang on tight.

Those of you outside of the US (My blog is international, how about that. Hi from my small corner of the world! ) may not know we have our presidential elections next month, so that means October is debate time. *Updated to add* It has been brought to my attention that you indeed are aware of our presidential debates. 🙂

Don’t worry I try my best to bite my tongue when it comes to my opinion of politics on my blog(you can read about that plenty elsewhere) however in this case they played a really big part in our learning adventures this week. So I want to mention them for that reason.

Oh and I do not force my children to watch the debates, they have plenty of time before they need to be concerned with such matters but Miss Sky truly takes interest in them and pops her head in once in a while to share her opinions. It was not just the debates that got the political ship rowing though. (hehe)

Miss Sky has had a fascination with the Titanic for as long as I can remember, one I think she takes after her mama on. When I saw Netflix had a new BBC mini series available I asked if she would be interested in watching it with me, and she was.

Why make yet another movie, miniseries, documentary you ask when so many have successfully been done? I don’t know but I really, really liked this one for *many* reasons. Most importantly it finally gave a voice to the second and third class as well as the many first class servants and employees of White Star. Yes the first class had to bring their servants along don’t you know.


Add this *with* the presidential debates and Miss Sky’s questions, opinions, comments were on a roll! Whew, watch out future generation. “Why does the world need to be divided by class? Who gave the rich the right to say ones life is better than another? So they needed men to row the lifeboats, oh come on. Why were women deemed useless? Why did women allow themselves to be useless?”

Oh my sweet child one question at a time. Learning, learning about her world she is. “Now I understand why they didn’t like Margaret Brown.”

Miss Sky’s been playing in the 3D world of Kaneva lately and really likes the different worlds they have, one which includes the Titanic and so she played a lot there this week as well as Minecraft creating her own civilization where a woman was elected president :).

We played more 007 as well as Mario Party 8 as a family and this weeks family movie was none other than The Avengers(finally). We loved everything about this movie from the special effects to the acting to the script. It is obvious anyone who ever put comic books down never read one themselves because the vocabulary and storylines (at least in Marvel) are not dumbed down in any way. Remember Iron Man was created by Stan Lee in 1963.

After finishing reading all the Kingdom Hearts manga yet again, Miss Sky started reading the DC comic series Catwoman. “I like that she in on her own side.”

Speaking of Kingdom Hearts. 🙂 Still more drawing, drawing, drawing by both girls

and Miss Sky has matched all the characters up with the Chinese zodiac.Little Sis? She played on Minecraft too and played Putt Putt, Peps Surprise Birthday Party again and more Animal Jam.

The girls also found and downloaded the game Paint Splash on the Wii which they both really like.


Let’s see there was a visit to our chicken farmer putting our order in for the Thanksgiving day turkey(turkeys are such funny creatures to watch). Last but not least Miss Sky found herself with yet more new reading material this week.The Sorcerer’s Companion to Harry Potter.


The girls have not shown much interest in Harry Potter as of yet but much interest in magic and this book is *the* encyclopedia on magic. Miss Sky highly recommends it to anyone interested in the history of magic and you do not need to know anything about Harry Potter to read it.

Whew, all that is left to say is life sure is good!


2 Responses to “A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/ Iceberg Straight Ahead!”

  1. ingimcI Says:

    “may not know we have presidential elections”? OMG – we are drowning in election coverage Down Under!! I cannot begin to imagine how much you would have to watch based on our overload here!

    Love those questions! We watched The Help a few weeks back and similar conversations – love learning with my kids.

    My two are heavily into Space Station 13 at the moment – have your girls played that?

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