A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/ It’s The Principle Of The Matter

Wow, I still can’t believe I am labeling these posts under 12 years old already. Then very soon to add 7 years old (ach, where has time gone?). I will say I am so glad I let go of keeping up with the girls “grades” and went instead with years, because the “grade” you’re in really doesn’t mean anything. Some kids in 6th grade shouldn’t be there, some maybe should have stayed in 5th and some should be taking college courses. If there is anything to romanticize from the past I think it should be the one room schoolhouse. Just one more thing to add to my ever-growing why I homeschool list I guess.

Anyway(ahem), Pinterest played a really big part in these last few weeks. I have mentioned previously how the girls have their own boards (that are growing more popular than my own 🙂 ) but they have added more boards to my account including one Miss Sky started called vintage fashions.

In my last post I wrote how Miss Sky enjoys learning about history, well I think learning about fashions from the past is one of the reasons why. She also likes to gather ideas from her pins for her own character’s outfits. I know I have said this before but this is a huge example of why we(parents) shouldn’t be negative of our children’s interests. We never know where they might lead.

*Warning, long detoured rant ahead*

I know I have been coming down hard on Waldorf education lately and really it is not up to me how someone wants to educate their children, I guess since we started unschooling I have been able to see first hand how one interest can connect to another. So many parents want to get rid of their televisions but it was television and video games that stirred my daughters biggest passion to learn right now.

I guess it is because we literally went from yelling and screaming and tears about why we needed to learn and do certain things, like cursive, to a child who *loves* to learn. I mean real passions, real interests and I know we are *not* the only ones. What a difference a year has made!

I think so many people are drawn to Waldorf education because it paints a picture of families reading aloud in front of a fire, knitting and smiling and loving each other. It instills a love of nature in a very technical world. It brings families closer together right? But what if you have a child that hates knitting or being outside because of bugs, those children are not happily learning. I mean they are learning but not what *you* think they are. They are learning that as soon as they turn 18 they are moving out and going to get a damn TV and play video games for however long they want and maybe not visit. That of course is over exaggerating but I will say that *I* did move out at 18 and I moved 500 miles away from my parents.

If it is the picture of a loving family you want why not join in with your *children’s* passions instead of forcing them to like *yours*. This is why it is important to live by principles and not rules, and who knows I never would have known I liked manga if not for watching Fruits Basket with the girls.


Don’t know what your principles are? Now would be a great time to find out.

*End of rant* 🙂

Let’s see Pinterest, vintage fashions oh right. Minecraft? Yes as well as more girls games.com, and Animal Jam and more Putt-Putt for Little Sis.

There of course was a birthday and fires in the backyard.

Kingdom Hearts? Yep and 007 on the Wii as a family where the girls have come up with code names for us as well as fighting tactics like splitting up while the other sneaks up behind you. “Left cheek, I spotted left cheek.” At least I am the right cheek, oh and my favorite “We have a full moon, do you read a full moon.” 🙂

Miss Sky has been devouring her book of magic and we actually have plans to make our own spell books. Which brings me to Halloween

and more Pinterest inspiration.

Drawing? Yes and I love how Little Sis is learning( all on her own) how to draw backgrounds.She drew this while watching an episode of Roseanne of a pink squirrel from the “Lobo” lounge.

Last but not least renewed interest in The Lion King which inspired the girls to make their own prides.Yes, life is good!


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    Love. It. All.

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