A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/ Peace For The Journey

These last few weeks I have been doing a lot of thinking, I know usually the thinking part is what gets me in trouble but hey there are lots to think about these days (too much actually).

Our family has been through quite a bit of changes here lately, some you are all aware of like radical unschooling and all the lessons we’ve learned from that. Some personal that I choose not to write about.

When making the switch to radical unschooling I decided to be as honest about our journey as possible without diving too deep into those personal matters, I mean we deserve some privacy.

I had many of the same fears about whether it would work or if I was doing the right thing. That is why we decided to work on our families relationship first, if learning happened during that time great but learning was not our first priority.

For our family one of those principles, I mentioned about last week, is our relationship with one another. Papa and my relationship, our girls and our relationship, and the relationship between the girls (which still is our first priority). During that time I began “reading a little, trying a little, waiting awhile, and watching” and have faced many(most) of those fears(as well as many other fears too). I changed my perspective of the world and looked for joy when sometimes there just didn’t seem any to be found. I began ending my posts with “life is good” because really it is.

This last week sadness found its way into our lives, not sadness that touched us personally with loved ones we know face to face but in the on-line community( and not just with one family). For me it was a big reminder that for some life may not look good right now. That right now life seems pretty harsh. Then I began thinking about our economy and how many people we do know face to face are out of work and hurting financially and how they might be having a much harder time seeing life as being good right now. Which reminded me that sometimes I myself can have a hard time finding the good too. So that got me thinking that maybe I shouldn’t end my blog that way.

Don’t get me wrong I know that life is full of sadness everyday and we can’t allow it take up residence in our hearts. I remember when Papa and I delivered newspapers and since I was the one rolling them I also was the one reading the front page daily and literally could feel the negativity taking hold of my body, which is why we do not watch the news or take the paper now. The more we focus on negativity the more negative we become and negativity does not help unschooling.


I have always wanted my blog to be a positive place to read. Life is a journey full of ups and downs and lessons to be learned and though I mostly want to remember our ups, if sharing some of our homeschooling struggles can help someone else to feel better about their own then I’m happy to share our downs too. Which brings me back to honesty. 🙂

So I think from now on I will end my posts with peace, peace for the journey because that is something I hope we all find in our hearts along the way.

SO what about unschooling you ask? This week takes us on a journey into myths and legends starting with the Michael Woods documentary Myths and Heros. This is one of those learning adventures that I have found myself on and asked if Miss Sky wanted to join me. She did and we had many, many conversations about the Bible and the Queen of Sheba this week because of it.

Then there was more 007 and Mario Party 8 as a family and we decided to play some bingo too.Miss Sky decided to read the Kingdom Hearts manga yet againand worked more on her own manga story.

It is a story of good versus evil with a little magic thrown in. I want to mention that Miss Sky uses notebooks as her rough draft to get a feel of how she wants her pictures to look, then she adds them into the more expensive art books. So actually the pictures above are flip-flopped.

Yes you know Little Sis got into the drawing action as well.There was more Minecraft and Miss Sky found yet another on-line game called Endless Forest to play.


Both girls played a bit more with the webcam and made their own silent movie using Scott Joplin’s The Entertainer from YouTube as background music.They also made their own talk-show called The Me and You Show. I would upload but they were a bit mad at me after finding out about uploading their last video and have forbid me to upload anymore.  So I guess you will just have to wait until they become rich and famous. 🙂

This weeks family movie was The Lion King 1 1/2. Even though the girls can watch television anytime they like we still like to have a family movie night to involve Papa in our learning adventures too.

I really do hope those suffering their own sadness this week will find peace,

peace for the journey.


2 Responses to “A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/ Peace For The Journey”

  1. Lainie Liberti Says:

    Beautiful write up of your, and your own inner transformation as you choose peace instead of drama or negativity. . Compassion is the key, and seeing the light. Along those lines, I can’t even remember the last time I read or watched the news. Thank you for sharing.
    p.s. love your daughter’s manga, my son can’t put them down.

    • dkjsv05 Says:

      Thank you for commenting. 🙂 This past year has been very awaking for us as a family.

      Funny thing about manga is the girls got *me* hooked on the Fruits Basket series.

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