“Candy Gets Dusty”

Happy Halloween!

Todays “reading a little” was waiting for me in my e-mail this morning from Sandra Dodd’s inspirational blog Just Add Light And Stir. Perfect timing I would say.  🙂

“Since my kids were little they could have all the Halloween candy they wanted, and since they were little that has been no problem at all, because by the time they gave away what they didn’t like and traded for favorites, and saved it and shared it with kids who came over for the next few weeks, there was still candy left. I have very often found the sorting boxes (a Xerox box lid or cardboard Coke flat) months later, and one year when it was nearly Halloween again, Kirby threw out the last of the candy from the year before. (Ditto for Christmas and Easter candy, some years.)

We were confident that it was control, not access, that made kids eat, do and want “too much” before we ever considered unschooling. Others come to the idea the other way around—unschooling first and releasing other control-urges later. —Sandra Dodd”

I have always been one of those parents who allowed the girls to eat all the candy they wanted Halloween night and they have never ate so much where they got sick. In fact last year Miss Sky used some of her candy for experiments.

pictures 2143

Speaking of experiments, I love the experiment over at the blog Unbounded Ocean.


She filled a bucket full of candy and left it out for her son to eat whenever he wanted. As of this week it still has candy 🙂

You can read more about how other unschoolers handle Halloween candy here.


Wishing everyone a safe, yet fun night.


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