A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/ Don’t Flip Out

So I hope you are not tired of hearing about Sandy yet. Like I mentioned in last weeks post we do not watch the news. I see headlines when checking  e-mail on the computer but I choose not to read them, though sometimes I do take the bait then regret it later. However I would be lying if I didn’t mention that hurricane Sandy did have something to do with our learning this week.

“What is a hurricane?, Where is the east coast(while pulling out the map), wow that is not very far from us?, Which states will be most affected?” These questions came up in the first place because we felt the winds clear over here in Indiana. These questions were brought out of pure curiosity not fear.

That night I also just so happened to watch a PBS Nova documentary hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson titled The Next Big Thing where they talked about how technology is being used to predict hurricanes and how they are trying to find ways to predict when an earthquake might hit. This documentary took our conversations even farther (then the whole part about robots and technology stimulated Miss Sky’s curiosity even more).”Why are so many people afraid of technology?”

Halloween also played a part in our week, not just the dressing up going door to door getting candy part but the picking out what to wear and what makes the best blood part. By the way food coloring does.

So a Goodwill we did go. Halloween costumes was not the only thing that interested Miss Sky. I have mentioned how Miss Sky is getting in with fashion, she has experimented with a few items from her closet( uhem), so I promised she could look for some more clothes the next time we went. She found a few shirts, skirts, and dresses to experiment with. She is trying to come up with “realistic” costumes for her manga characters and actually testing how well they would really work if ever in battle. 🙂

Speaking of manga busy, busy the girls have been creating their stories on paper,(Little Sis’s character Sad Girl)and at Disney Create.

Miss Sky likes to use Disney create to help create the image in her mind then she can copy it down on paper (just a few of her creations).

Then both girls spent time using Disney Create’s flip book program making real moving anime. They are getting very good at making splashes,part of Little Sis’s flip book.

Both girls spent time playing Minecraft and Animal Jam. Kingdom Hearts? Yep Miss Sky’s been reading at the Kingdom Heart wiki page a lot learning more about the characters. I think it helps her to come up with personalities for her own characters. She is very serious about wanting to write her own manga.

Family movies? We pulled out our old favorites, The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, Disney’s legend Of Sleepy Hollow, Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein and we like to watch episodes of The Munsters and Addams Family.

Speaking of episodes we found a new anime series to watch together called XXXholics that we really like.


My thoughts and prayers this week have been with those hit by Sandy along the east coast. As we enter into the season of Thanksgiving it is time once again for our family to bring out the blessings jar( each time we think of something to be thankful for we place a “gem” in the jar. Each gem is worth $.10 at the end of December we count up the gems and donate the money to a local charity. Maybe this year we will donate to the Red Cross).We truly do have so much to be thankful for this year.

Wishing everyone peace for the journey.


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