Little Comments

Monday Little Sis turns 7. So we will be celebrating her birthday this weekend.

A tradition that Papa and I started for birthdays when we married was to give each other the day off (because we didn’t have money for gifts). Well we have carried this tradition over with our children. So Saturday Little Sis gets the day to do and eat whatever it is she would like (using common sense of course).

Me: “What would you like for your birthday meals?”

Little Sis: ” I want homemade chicken noodle soup and for dinner homemade fried chicken with homemade macaroni and cheese.” (She loves chicken.)

Me: “Okay what would you like for breakfast, and do you want a cake?”

Little Sis: “No, no cake but could you make homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast like you did for sissy?”

Me: ” If you want cinnamon rolls for breakfast you got it. You don’t want cake?”

Little Sis: ” No I really just want chicken for my birthday.”

This year none of us had cake for our birthdays. Papa had homemade banana pudding, I had root beer floats, Miss Sky just wanted cinnamon rolls, and Little Sis wants chicken. This year we all realized that none of us really like cake, so why would we eat it? 🙂


One Response to “Little Comments”

  1. Twisted Cinderella Says:

    What fun. How funny that nobody likes cake. but it makes sense to do something else if cake won’t be appreciated!

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