A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/ It’s In The Game

Alright birthdays down, now it’s time to put my focus towards the holidays. Am I the only one who thinks this year blew by?

This has been another very productive week, besides a little one turning 7 she also decided it was time to have her own room.

Miss Sky is getting at that age where she would like to have a bit more time to herself. Being they shared a room Miss Sky really couldn’t shut the door . So instead of our old schoolroom being turned into a game room Little Sis now has her own room. This weekend was the first trial and I can not believe how long I held off doing this. They both love having their own space.

It was a very productive week as far as learning too. For starters let talk about games like checkers, boy Little Sis is getting really good.Then there was some Frog Juice, Toss Up, Connect 4, and Little Sis tested herself with a brain puzzle,she still needs a little practice.

Then later in the week we played Family Game Night, Clue, Life, Wii Party Bingo and the Board game all on the Wii as a family.

There was more Minecraft, Animal Jam,  BonnieGames .com, and lots more play at Disney Create on the computer. Both girls spent time creating their own comic book stories.

Family movie this week was Disney’s Pocahontas where we had family chats about King James, the founding of Jamestown, and the King James bible. Oh yes and of course Pocahontas , John Smith, John Rolfe and the cultivation of tobacco.

It still amazes me all the connections one makes from watching just one movie. While watching Disney’s Tarzan Miss Sky caught the name Queen Victoria, “So this Tarzan takes place during the same time period as the Titanic, interesting”.

Interesting indeed because Miss Sky has taken interest in Victorian fashions as well(thank you Pinterest) to help come up with her own fashion ideas.I wish I could upload all her pictures, I love her creations. Being that the girls have been busy drawing away Miss Sky informed me she needed new sketch pads and markers so to a Hobby Lobby we did go.

I want to add how incredibly proud I am of my girls(all three of them). We went in Hobby Lobby to get new sketch pads and markers and came out of Hobby Lobby only with new sketch pad and markers. The girls not only know now that if the funds are available they can pick out new supplies or a project that might catch their attention but now they understand too.

This time it was me who was like “Do you want these color markers, would you like a pen like this?” and it was Miss Sky who was like “No mom really this is all I want.” They understand that they could have more if they wanted but they didn’t want more. They are content. 🙂

So yes you know there was more drawing, Kingdom Hearts, and more drawing this week and from Little Sis too.There was some reading (besides Kingdom Heart manga) with a new Nintendo Power magazine( sad December is the last month for this magazine, guess I’ll need to find a new video game magazine for Miss Sky to read).Last but not least the girls and I have been watching classic Sesame Street episodes together on Netflix before bed. Little Sis never got to watch Sesame Street because of my anti television days and now she thinks she is too big to watch them. So I asked if she would like to watch them with me and both girls said sure.

This has been such fun as I loved Sesame Street (as well as the Muppets) growing up and I get to see some of my  favorite characters like the Yip Yips and Bob McGrath(and Maria, Susan, Gordon you get the picture 🙂 ). I can’t believe I even still remember some of the skits and songs.

Wishing everyone peace for the journey.


One Response to “A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/ It’s In The Game”

  1. ingimc Says:

    I don’t think you are ever too old for Sesame Street, are you? Your girls sound so lovely – you should be proud 🙂 And our movie watching is never straight forward either! I love that you include all those observation!

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