A Week In The Life Of Unschoolers/ Craft Craftin’ Away

Winter is a time for hibernation, it is the season (at least here for us) to light a fire in the wood burning stove and hunker down for a while. I had a few crafting ideas, unrelated to the holidays, up my sleeve planned to help pass the days but if you have been reading here you already know my plans are always made to be broken. ūüôā

They haven’t been forgotten though just pushed to the back burner. Oh and I have learned from the past what kind of crafts the girls like to do (there needs to be a purpose, in other words not doing “crafts” just to later throw them away) and being they revolve around Kingdom Hearts they are actually looking forward to them. This¬†week however the girls, especially for a certain little one because “I was bored and thought why not do a craft.”, came up with their own ideas. You know they are getting pretty good at that.

So I am just giving you heads up in advance there are lots of photos this week. However I think I will begin with movies first.

This week we watched some as a family, some minus a family member or two. I found myself following my own rabbit trails it  began a few weeks ago when I discovered Michael Wood and the documentary Myths and Legends. Miss Sky watched quite a lot of it with me and we had a few discussions of our own.

One of the episodes was about finding Shangri-La. Well I am a HUGE fan of Frank Capra’s movies and when I found out he made the movie Lost Horizon I just had to see it. Miss Sky wanted to watch it with me being she has been very curious of Asian myths and traditions (all from a video game mind you)too. Like most of Capra’s movies you either like them or don’t and I have yet to find one I don’t like and this one was no different. SO many wonderful messages in his movies. ūüôā

All us girls kicked back and watched A Cat in Paris. I have been waiting for Netflix to carry this movie since I heard about it. Not because of the story line so much but I knew Miss Sky would love the animation, and I was right. The movie is a work of art in itself and the girls really liked the story too.


Last movie we watched together as a family was the newer release of Tron. This is another movie that Miss Sky was interested in seeing due to the video game Kingdom Hearts. “I heard the graphics are amazing.” She loved it and asked for the original to be added to our ever-growing Netflix list. (Now the girls are discovering movies they want to see and adding them.)

Games? Miss Sky played around a bit at Sploder.com, Minecraft for both girls, Wii Party as a family as we played the games Time Bomb and Hide ‘n’ Hunt this time, and more 007 where mama and papa are¬†learning our own little strategies and came out on top for once. Miss Sky¬†also played her 007 on Wi-Fi on-line with other kids.

Kingdom Hearts? Oh you know it, that is what inspired most of the crafts this week. To start Miss Sky has been experimenting with color pastels a bit.


She has created a new board on Pinterest to collect pieces of art work she likes to use as reference. She mostly is into backgrounds right now especially Asian. Then she decided to make her own fans.


(more of her drawings from the week.)


Little Sis got in the action too¬†” My monster pet¬†is lonely and needs a friend.”


and had a little Kingdom Heart inspiration of her own.




and some new characters



and more decorations.


Last but not least the girls have been playing around more with the WebCam making movies, I really need to get them a small digital video camera.


There has been a bit of reading going on around here too


and¬†our countdown to Christmas has begun by busting out the Advent table and readings of our favorite Christmas stories. It never seems to fail that each year Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer (the original Golden Book story) is always the first story we read. I think¬†now it’s¬†tradition.

Wishing everyone peace for the journey.


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