A Week In The Life/ Making Christmas

Busy busy little elves we are. I need to get this weeks photos up before the next round. Christmas is very quickly approaching.

So let’s start with the Christmas countdown shall we? “Days 1, 2, & 3 I paint, cut, and paste.” excerpt is from the Counting To Christmas book by Nancy Tafuri.



We started out using a template for an example but then the girls started to come up with their own ideas which were much better. I think our Christmas cards turned out really cute. 🙂

“Days 6, 7, & 8 I pour mix and decorate.” We kicked off our Christmas baking of favorite goodies starting with the girls favorite gingerbread cookies, the recipe can be found in the back of the book mentioned above.

Getting a little pinspiration (wink) the girls found an idea to make waterless snow globes. They were a big hit and turned out cute.



Here are the instructions.


Games? Yes we played the Wii Party board game and Bingo. We also played The Family Game Show from Family Game Night.

Movies? We watched more of our favorite Christmas movies as well as the original movie Tron. It was interesting to hear Tron did not win any awards for the special effects because it was considered cheating to use a computer. The story made a bit more sense to me after seeing the original and it was fun to see how much graphics have changed over 30 years.

Drawing? Yep, both girls have been working hard and Miss Sky’s story is evolving quite nicely.


Little Sis is constantly amazing me with her drawings.


(They picked out new pins to try, neither like to use pencils first)



Last but not least the girls got their 3ds. They patiently waited collecting their birthday money. Being that each of them cost $200 (they were saving to get the XL) they needed to wait for  Christmas too.

We were not going to make them wait for Christmas though to open them so when I got the Gamestop add in my e-mail how this week they doubled points (for members which can be turned into coupons, which then pays for the yearly membership that saves you 10% on games) and included the game Mario Kart 7 I knew now was the time to get them.


I want to say that there are parents whose children might want a Nintendo 3DS even though they might have a DS already and some of those parents may think their children do not need another gaming device because of this reason (I was one of those parents). First off I can understand not being able to afford them, *believe me* and went back and forth between these and an iPad touch screen or another laptop but these are what the girls wanted and I have learned the hard way to get them what they want. There is a reason why and I trust their reasons.

Second the Nintendo 3DS is like having a mini laptop. It has internet access and more like a video camera (hello I wanted to get them a small digital camera) as well as a camera.


(Little Sis taking a picture of me taking a picture of her 🙂 )

Not to even mention the graphics and having a larger screen.


They have even already watched Netflix on them. I am SO glad I went this route it has freed up the computer a lot more but most important they love them and are happy, happy children. “Mom am I dreaming?”


(Little Sis copying a picture from the internet.)

They have learned so much from them already and Miss Sky has already started making movies and learned how to change her voice higher or lower. They also learned how to use the special effects.

Well I was told this morning Netflix added the second season of the cartoon Avengers and they are patiently waiting so all that is left for me to say is

Peace for the journey.


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