Little Comments

Because I am not a perfect parent. 🙂

Miss Sky accidentally dropped her 3DS. She had left it on the couch on top of a blanket and when she sat down and pulled up the blanket if fell to the floor. She quickly turned it on to make sure it still worked.

Miss Sky: “Whew, looks like it’s okay.”

Me: “Well try taking a picture and using the video camera too.”

While she was getting ready to take a picture I started to lecture her how careful she needed to be and leaving it on the couch wasn’t being very responsible. While going on and on (I am pretty good about that)

Miss Sky:” Mom my heart is already racing a thousand miles a minute, I understand how fragile these are. It was an honest mistake and what I don’t need from you right now is hovering over me all panicky giving me a lecture. I need space and I need calm.”

There was a time when this kind of comment would have pissed me off. I would have seen it as her “talking back to me”. I am still in the process of learning how to make better choices in the heat of the moment that bring me closer to the parent I want to be. However what has changed is me getting pissy. I am much, much better at listening to what the girls say and trying my best to meet those needs, which they have gotten much, much better at expressing.

Miss Sky was right she knew the consequence of dropping her 3DS. She has broken things before. No more words were needed from me and I gave her the space she needed.

Miss Sky:” Everything is in working order thank goodness and thanks mom for backing off. I knew it would be my fault if it broke, I was already worried enough.”

She didn’t need for me to “teach her a lesson”. She learned it all on her own.  I have also noticed she has been much more responsible where she leaves it now without me needing to constantly remind her.


2 Responses to “Little Comments”

  1. Nikole Says:

    I love that your daughter could express herself so clearly. And that you could hear it openly. My girls call me out sometimes too and I love that they can do this, and that I can learn from it!

  2. attachlings Says:

    Brava…to you both!

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