Week In The Life/ Picture This

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. Though we did not have a white Christmas we had a white day after Christmas with a foot of snow.

I think I might have waited a bit too long to try on winter gear as Miss Sky has grown right out of her snow pants, whoops. You can imagine her disappointment in having this much snow and not being able to go sledding. Oh well as we are supposed to get more snow this weekend I think she can wait until then. 🙂

I have lots to catch up on so here we go!

Games? Yes lots and a new winter solstice family game but first the old. Several hands of Animal Rummy


then there was Old Maid, Monopoly Deal, Apples to Apples, and Toss Up. Little Sis played both Putt-Putt Goes To The Zoo and Pep’s Birthday Surprise on the computer. Both girls played Minecraft, Girl Games.com and Miss Sky played at Sploder.com and found another new game to play that doesn’t need to be downloaded. We also played Mario Party 8 as a family on the Wii.


Now for my review of our new family game Disney Pictionary.


It was a bit more pricey ,I am thinking because it is Disney, but I am glad to add it to our growing collection of games. Even though I do have cons to mention being that we have played it at least once everyday since Solstice (and sometimes more than once because the girls love it) I think it was well worth the price and I do not have any regrets.

Now the cons, who ever decided to make a family game with plastic suction cup hands 1. either do not have children or 2. don’t have a husband who acts like a kid. Let me just say it was not the girls who couldn’t keep their plastic hands to themselves.

I however have learned being married to Papa for many years now not to get too upset by his inability to act his age but instead decided to join in. So if you do not think you have my patience and are already coming up with ideas how your family might use these hands that have nothing to do with playing the game, I would pass on this one (though you can play without them).

I also was disappointed the game comes with wet boards instead of being dry erase. This makes drawing and fingers more messier but if you don’t mind marker stained fingers (the girls fingers are always marker stained anyway) then don’t let this keep you from getting the game.

We played this game like the rules suggest with teams and we played separately, taking some of the rules from Apples to Apples, with the first person to get 5 cards wins.

Movies? Yes lots of our Christmas favorites but we also watched the Disney movie Brave(which I highly recommend) and we had a movie marathon of all 3 Narnia movies.

Miss Sky “Look how Lucy and Susan’s dresses”, from the movie The Lion Witch and the Wardrobe,” look the same as from the movie Brave. I know the story was written during World War II but I wonder what time period Narnia is supposed to be?”  Good question. 🙂

Lets see reading? Yes!


Some old favorites as well as a new magazine Miss Sky has already read cover to cover (twice).


Otaku USA


Earlier in the week with more of a heavy heart (that neither of the girls know the reason why which I am incredibly thankful for), Little Sis asked “Mom will you snuggle with me?” There was no way I could turn that offer down so what started with a snuggle ended with the whole family in her bed while she read us all her Elephant and Piggie books.

Little Sis even wrote a story too.


Drawing? Yep and with new color pastels too.

Miss Sky




Little Sis




Last but not least the girls LOVE their 3 DS. They have played with them daily since getting them. The funny thing is they have yet to play any video games with them but instead are too busy making movies and cut scenes, which some are pretty darn good.



Wishing everyone peace for the journey (as well as warmth to those in the path of this winter storm).


One Response to “Week In The Life/ Picture This”

  1. Ingi (@ingidefygravity) Says:

    What a lovely week! Lots of board games – Wombat Girl would be in heaven!

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