Week In The Life/ “Painting The Roses Red”

Happy 2013!

If I was a bit more organized I would have posted our last week of learning in 2012 while it was still 2012 but I never claimed to be well-organized. Well planned out yes organized no. So before I do our yearly wrap-up here is what our last week of 2012 looked like.

Let’s see, I think I will start with my little “Alice”.  Of all the Disney female characters it is Alice who Little Sis reminds me of the most. “Oh please, please help me.” She is ever so quiet and polite, most of the time that is. She does have moment bursts of energy and wiggles that need out. I mean she is 7 after all. 🙂

Little Sis loves Disney’s Alice In Wonderland and it is the first story I have seen *her* get so excited over (that is not Kingdom Hearts anyway). I mean up until now she has mostly been following Miss Sky’s lead but she is slowly finding her own interests.

I have previously posted some of the projects the girls created following the Wonderland trails but here’s a few more to add to the list.

The girls found a package of blank index cards on the supply shelves and decided to make their own deck of cards.

Miss Sky



Little Sis


Little Sis and I even had a Tea Party, game that is.


Other games we played last week were more Animal Rummy, Frog Juice, and yes more pictionary. We played Wii Party and worked more on passing the last level of Super Mario Brothers (lava and all) on the Wii. We also played more 007.

On the computer the girls played Animal Jam, where Little Sis is earning gems to buy a mushroom den, and Minecraft. Miss Sky has been playing the games Lif ,where she can be a fox and Knight of the Dragon. Both can be found at Gamevile.com


The girls have been counting money left over from getting their 3DS making plans.


Little Sis has her eyes set on some Lego’s thanks to her magazine subscription.


(Which is free https://club.lego.com/join/magazinesubscription/)

This is not the only reading from the week though. Little Sis wanted to read me Small Pig, her favorite Arnold Lobel book.


She flew right through it. She also wanted to read Big Bear Small Bear, both girls love almost all The Berenstain Bears books, but when she started reading she looked up at me and said “you know mom I think this book is way too easy for me to read now.” I mentioned  how much she’s learned the past year. Then I read Alice in Wonderland the Disney picture book.

We worked the Disney Princess puzzle yet again (the Disney theme played heavy during 2012)


and Little Sis made more Kingdom Hearts dolls from clothes pins( *note to self, start collecting more scraps of material for her to use as clothes*).


I think I will end this post with two of the girls color pastel drawings. I can not say enough how I love their characters so. Every time I look at them they bring such a smile to my face.

Miss Sky


Little Sis


How I love this family of mine.

Wishing everyone peace for the journey.


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