Little Comments

While playing the board game from Wii Party, during my turn I rolled 8. As I advanced my 8 spots I landed on the spot marked -4.

Little Sis: “That means you only moved 4 spots.”

Me: “What?”

Little Sis: “4+4=8 so 8-4=4, you moved up 8 and had to come back 4 so you only moved up 4 spaces.”

Me: “Yes right you just subtracted.”

Why I wanted to post. Little Sis has learned everything she knows about mathematics from playing, especially games. She quickly learned place value while earning gems on Animal Jam by using a calculator. She learned how to add by keeping track of game scores and can figure the total at the end. She has used subtraction before but today it “clicked” for *her*. She made a connection. She herself realized she could do it. No drills or worksheets (though she does like to do these sometimes for fun), no baggage but by playing and having fun. 🙂


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