A Year In The Life 2012/ Part 1 (Math and Science)

What a year we had. So many, many positive changes. Not just learning wise but in ourselves too.

At first glance while looking back I thought our year might look a little thin but as I starting listing everything I myself was amazed how full our year was. This year we did not do as many external activities as I would have liked but Miss Sky really wanted to stay home more and Little Sis didn’t mind one bit.

It was much harder for me to categorize our year because everything connects to everything. For example art connects with history, math, science, social studies, language arts, and geography. When listening to The Beatles music for instance let’s take the album Sgt. Pepper I can connect all those categories. Music is filled with math, what was happening in history while the album was out? What was the UK like? Oh they have a Queen, how is their government different from ours? Songs are a form of poetry, and what is with all the colors and hair? Which brings me back to art.

Not to mention there is SO much more learning taking place on the inside that I can not even begin to capture. Like learning to read so many pieces need to be in place before one can actually begin to read. There might have been connections made that I will not know about until next year ,or the next year, or…

So instead I like to think of this more as a chapter from a novel. It is just one part of the whole story and though it could stand on its own it will make much more sense once completed.

*Mathematics (dum te dum, please tell me I am not the only one who hears musical notes when this word is said. 🙂 ):

~Little Sis (what didn’t she learn?) addition, subtraction, place value, telling time, money, critical thinking, strategic thinking, spatial skills, probability, reading a grid, geometry, buying and comparing prices.

I mean this child at 7 can find the best priced computer game she wants on E-bay and pin it to Pinterest for me to order. These kids know more about games, books and the supplies they need at the best prices than I do.

*Her favorite supplies (the *her* is very important is these sections, this is not my list but theirs):

Putt-Putt Saves The Zoo


Putt-Putt Pep’s Birthday Surprise


Minecraft and Animal Jam(which to me counts in every category)

The games Bingo, Toss Up, Frog Juice, Wizard Junior, Rummikub, and Checkers.DSCF5753

~Miss Sky

Critical thinking, problem solving, strategic thinking, estimation, rounding, savings, decimals, percentages(Goodwill 50% sales), probability, spatial skills, comparison shopping(E-bay), budgeting(allowance and saving to get a 3DS), geometry, running a business and household.

*Her supplies, She would rather play video games: The Sims 2,




Minecraft, Family Game Night 3 Life, Begone(on the computer), Kingdom Hearts.DSCF5713Our favorite new games as a family Mario Party 8, 007, and Wii Party


At first I thought I wouldn’t have a whole lot to post here but then I came to technology and boom.

~Miss Sky

Lots of talks about evolution, animals, hurricanes, the Ice Age and learning the difference between mastodons and mammoths. She even came up with her own fiber experiment finding polyfill to be the least absorbent than cotton or wool.DSCF5418

She learned how to create her own video games at Sploder.com, make movies with cut scenes using the Webcam on the computer and with her Nintendo 3DS and used all kinds of sound and special effects.Snapshot_20120902

*Her favorite supplies were the Walking series from BBC, Ranger Rick Magazine, The New How Things Work by David Macaulay, Nintendo 3DS, Webcam, and Sploder.com. http://www.sploder.com/

Little Sis learned how to make movies and use special effects with her 3DS too.

~This next list is for both girls that we (or they) did together

They learned the evolution of the dog and breeds by playing Nintendo Dogs on their DS,


reading the companion Nintendo Dogs guide, and with us watching our yearly Thanksgiving Day tradition of the Dog Show.

We watched the movies Tron 1 and 2 as well as the Transformers and Marvel movies Iron Man 1 and 2, The Hulk, Thor, Captain America, and The Avengers checking out the computer graphics and seeing how much they have changed.

We tried and failed to grow an indoor herb garden (this year I am trying outdoors)

We experimented with which substance makes the best fake blood and found food coloring to be our favorite.

We hiked at our favorite park during each season.DSCF5679We observed the life cycle of a robin by first seeing the proud parents build their nest, then lay their eggs,DSCF5488 hatch,DSCF5565and finally fly the nest.

We paid a visit to the Indiana State Museum006and the St. Louis Zoo.DSCF5579Both girls played with Instant Snow and Little Sis loved her My Big Backyard subscription but has asked to be upgraded to Ranger Rick this year.

Up next History, Geography, and Social Studies (Whew).


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