A Week In The Life/ It’s A Word World

Funny thing about planning posts something like life keeps getting in my way. 🙂

So while waiting to get the rest of our year review up (which I need not rush as I have *plenty* of time) this came up


and before I knew it we were watching some new movies, playing more games and I have a whole week to post.

So let us start with movies. The girls were gifted a few new movies as presents and while watching the previews (that we must watch to see what new movies are coming out don’t you know) Miss Sky found a Miyazaki movie she wanted to see called The Secret World Of Arrietty.


It is based on the book The Borrowers and both girls give it two thumbs up.

While at the store Little Sis noticed they had a WordWorld DVD and asked if we could get it so we did. We used to watch it on Netflix until they stopped streaming it and she really liked the show. We try to catch it sometimes on PBS but she wanted to have it to watch before bed (we like to watch calming shows before bed to help us wind down).


Speaking of PBS Miss Sky and I watched the television show Downton Abbey.


Oh my how we enjoyed it. Miss Sky noticed right away the fashions were from the 20s and wanted to know how much time after the sinking of the Titanic this takes place.

I myself enjoy seeing how hard it is for some to change tradition in the brink of a new century. I see this happening today with our society. We are constantly evolving and so many people want to cling on to the old. Kind of like some education methods. It’s great we have people like John Holt to learn from but he couldn’t possibly predict how easily information could be obtained today compared to his time. The past is just that and we no longer live there.  🙂

We also watched Madagascar 3 as a family.

Games? Minecraft for both girls. Animal Jam, Girl go games, more Putt-Putt,  Memory, Frog Juice, and Monopoly Deal for Little Sis. We played Disney Pictionary, and lots of Wii Party as a family.

Miss Sky has been learning more about the history of magic


and she found a copy of The Hobbit movie guide while at the store she has been looking at ever since.



She also has been learning more and more how to use her 3DS to make movies and now is coming up with her own special effects, cutting and editing scenes, and coming up with all different kinds of sounds to record.

Little Sis and I have been doing some reading as well with her new Kipper story collection.


This is another show that she really likes and watch before bed. I understand now why so many people like this show as I enjoy watching it with the girls just as much as they do.


Wishing everyone peace for the journey.


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